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23 Dec 2000
wynot <wynot@soulgarage.net>

The usual gang at ARSCC-ATL were joined today by high ranking LMT official Jeff Jacobsen, bringing the general entheta to record levels! Ethercat, Mad_Kow, and myself arrived at the org near noon to find Jeff awaiting, videotaping the cult's storefront and the passing traffic. We made happy welcome noises at each other, and got our signs. Mad_Kow had his usual 'Scam' sign, EC carried 'Scientology Lies', and Jeff had his familiar photo of a smiling Lisa McPherson, and two dates - you know which ones... I held a sign with 'Scientology Killed Lisa McPherson' on one side, and 'Dianetics/Scientology, Bait and Switch' on the other.

The weather was a sunny 35 degrees with a pleasant breeze. There were 12 cars parked in front of the Dianetics store. A couple left, a couple came, maximum was 14. Several members came and left on foot, apparently staff being allowed out for lunch.

The acknowledgements began immediately from the cars passing on Mount Vernon Rd. People were waving, honking, giving the thumbs-up, and even yelling thank-you to us. People in every kind of car, from SUVs to beat up old sedans, young people and older people. It seems that the store's nice, new, wooden signs are doing a splendid job of letting the neighbors know the cult is there, and we got a great lesson in what the public thinks about their presence!

Jeff had things he needed to do (did you see the carving? If not, let us know next time?), so we knocked off to a wonderful local BBQ shop for a yummy lunch (thanks Kow!!!) after about an hour (56 confirmed acks). It was great to visit with Jeff and catch up on news about our friends in Clearwater and elsewhere. I hope he will convey our respects to everybody fighting the good fight at the LMT.

Time with friends is always too short, and Jeff was on his way elsewhere after lunch. The rest of us had already decided to return to the org and give them a bit more picketing.

Again, before we even reached the cult's space, the stream of acks began. At one point a man in a white Chevy with Kentucky plates pulled in the driveway, and offered me a $10 bill. I thanked him, but said we did not need it - we were here to help people keep their money, not take it from them! He tried to insist, saying we should spend it on supplies, but I again told him no thank you. Ethercat joined me, and we told him about Tom Padgett, and what the cult was trying to do to him in our generous visitor's home state. EC gave him the url for Tom's site (www.taxexemptchildabuse.net), and he vowed to check it out. Another time a fellow parked in the gas station next door and walked up to Mad_Kow. They spoke for a few minutes, and I will let Kow report what was said.

Our second hour of picketing saw a record number of acks from the passing parade of cars. Between 3:00 and 4:00 (1500 and 1600 for our Continental readers) we counted 93, for a day's total of 149, without doubt the most ever during an Atlanta picket. I feel proud of the wogs(R) of my town; they know how recognize a scam in disguise!

The culties were once again non-confront - not even any picture takers. The members who came in and out during our visit studiously ignored us. I was a bit surprised no-one came out with a copy of the ClearWater injunction! Still, it made for a pleasant picket. We were happy to have Jeff's company, and truly hope to be graced by his presence again in the future. Anybody else coming to Atlanta, please let us know, and we will get the ARSCC-ATL brigades girded up! (pickets@arscc-atl.com)

'Til next time;

Scientology: now it is different. Now your abuses will be told and memorialized forever on the Internet. We have each other and we will see your criminal element eliminated before we are done.
Grady Ward


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