Scientology Crime Syndicate

Scientologists dispersed

Berlin, Germany
April 22, 2000
Berliner Morgenpost 2000

by Frank Thadeusz

Steglitz - The people the Scientology psycho-sect had invited to an information gathering at the Hotel Steglitz International included Mayor Herbert Weber (CDU). District Representative Cerstin Richter-Kotowski (CDU) found that to be an "impudent action," and her faction then also recommended in an urgent application that the district office "employ the appropriate offices in politics, commerce and government so that the Scientology Organization would not receive the opportunity to present itself, (...) and that the risks arising from this organization be explained."

The CDU had previously sent a letter to the business manager of the Steglitz International, Klaus-Volker Stolle, asking him not to rent to the Scientologists. Stolle, who is the one who actually cancelled the sect's reservation, reacted testily, "The CDU has been getting on my nerves. I am completely neutral in religious issues; we rented to the Scientologists solely for commercial reasons. We are a big corporation and do not know what our guests do behind closed doors."

Years ago, Stolle had already stirred up discontent once as the director of the "Intercontinental" when he opened the hotel for a book presentation by British author and Holocaust denier David Irving. This time Stolle himself took action "to protect the reputation of the hotel." For instance, he said that the fact that the Scientologists had mass mailed about 500,000 Berlin households to advertise for the event in which the name of the Steglitz Hotel was "strained in public" was a "clear violation against the principles of business." When it was also revealed that, parallel to their event at the hotel, another exhibition on Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard was planned, the contract was terminated, said Stolle.

The sect, which has since rented a building at 30 Dueppel Street, is now suing the hotel for 200,000 marks in damages.

Meanwhile, the CDU application in the BVV has found full agreement in all factions. "That is a clear sign that do not want anything to do with the Scientologists in any way," stated the presided faction chairman of the SPD, Eva-Maria Birth.

This and other actions were accompanied by the booming noise of a band. While the district representatives were meeting inside the council building, the Scientologists were celebrating outside. With the support of a delegation from the police department, city planning council member Norbert Kopp (CDU) issued the sect members, while the sessions were in process, an order to disperse and prohibited the distribution of leaflets.


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