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From: Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom14.netcom.com>
Date: 25 Apr 2000 19:36:40 GMT

I was in San Jose this morning, filing supplemental papers in Rule 60 motion (which is on the calendar for May 5). Long as I was there, I went by the Rosemary location for a short picket (about 10 am). 27 cars in the parking lot, which is high for a weekday, but looking at them, there is a real question about how many of them run. Someone should count cars about 2 am. Place looks as ratty as ever, with grass growing up in the pavement cracks, but they have recently trimmed the ivy which was trying to grow over the sidewalk. "Blue shirt" gave me a "heil hitler," arm in the air, on his way out to a car, but was subdued about it.

Darlene came out and took my picture, first time in a *long* time for that. She got the NO OTs sign and IMPLANTED WITH DEAD SPACE ALIENS sign. She also mentioned that they were going to let the National Space Society know how one of their board members spends his time. I suspect they may be planning to disrupt the next national meeting of the Board. That would be an interesting foot bullet if they do.

Keith Henson

PS, I go off the NSS Board this year and am not eligible to run again for a while (bylaws). So, whatever they claim, they are not running me off the NSS board.


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