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Scientology more aggressive

Ursula Caberta:
"Millions in aid for the Hamburg Organization is
a declaration of hostility"

Hamburg, Germany
April 25, 2000
Hamburger Morgenpost

According to the assessment by the Interior Agency's work group, the Scientology Organization has been making a more aggressive showing in Hamburg. "The millions in aid for the Hamburg Scientologists was a declaration of hostility from the USA," said the Director of the Work Group, Ursula Caberta.

"Scientology units are regarded as having been successful when they bring as much money and people into the center as possible," Caberta believes. Until the early '90s, she said, Hamburg had been the "most successful group worldwide." But after a large number of people, including those well-to-do, left Scientology in the Hanseatic City, it was "economically at the end of its rope." The headquarters in Los Angeles made about 20 million marks available for a new building for the organization in downtown Hamburg. "Up to that point, a bankrupt unit had never been re-financed from the USA," said Caberta, "the money flowed only in one direction". At the moment, she said, Scientology was not doing well in Germany, but that did not mean that the fight against this new form of political extremism was going to cease.

According to Caberta, the Interior Agency's Work Group on Scientology, in existence since 1992, is the only agency to provide this service nationwide. Scientology opponents in other localities have received advice from Hamburg and information collected over the years about the organization has been made available to the Interior Ministers Conference.

Results from the information collected in Hamburg include Scientology being under surveillance by Constitutional Security and its being regarded in Germany not as a religious congregation, but as a profit-oriented commercial business.


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