Scientology Crime Syndicate

Hotel Kreuz

Conference called off

Berne, Switzerland
April 27, 2000
Berner Zeitung

A conference of "extremists" in the Hotel Kreuz has been called off. The hotel manager has put off the rightwing NPS party.

"I like a happy medium," said hotel manager Franz Schuepbach. He does not want to give a platform to "either rightwing or leftwing extremists" in his spaces. True to his motto, the chief of the Hotel Kreuz has put off members of the Swiss National Party (NPS). The members of the rightwing party, which was founded on April 16, had wanted to hold a conference in the Hotel Kreuz. According to Schuepbach, about "once or twice a year we do not make our spaces available to somebody." Those who are not invited include the Scientology sect. But with about 2,400 meeting per year, it is impossible to check out whether or not "serious" institutions stand behind all the acronyms. hpr


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