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From: "The Exile" <exile49b@hotmail.com>
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 22:12:37 PDT

$cientology has little support in Clearwater these days it seems. An hour long picket was held late friday afternoon in front of the old Clearwater Bank Building, which now serves as a chow hall and office center for the cult of $cientology. Although we were few in number it was the most positive in the terms of "thumbs-up", car honks and waves of any picket that I have ever attended.

Sometimes three or four cars would be honking at the same time, it was difficult to even keep up with the waves from drivers. Of course the protest was led by Bob Minton, scourge of the evil cult, who found just enough room on the sidewalks to stay out of the 10' injunction limit. We were pretty careful about that, earlier I had walked down, measuring tape in hand, and measured the building set-back to the walk.

Mark Bunker found some pictures of the "orange dots" that the cult had used to mark their turf in December until the police made them clean it up. I still remember seeing the young Sea Borg guys on their hands and knees with paint thinner trying to remove the paint that they had just put down.

The response from the cult was tame. The Rev. Buttocks came out and snarled a bit but soon retreated to his sty. He is now the "go-to guy" when Minton or some other member of the Trust entubulates the lofty contemplations of the local OTs.

I wonder what the poor little Sea Borgers thought as they walked past us hearing the horns and seeing the waves of approval? They are told by their leaders that Scientology is popular! But the reality is a little different. Reality in the money grubbing cult of $cientology is always in short supply.

-The Exile

"AS a result of a number of comm cycles at OSA, I have learned that the church does not want any church public posting to this entheta forum." -Ron Chester, TNX administrator and OSA lackey.


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