Scientology Crime Syndicate

From: kngpeter@aol.com (Kng Peter)
Date: 02 May 2000 01:43:07 GMT

Last Friday afternoon I picketed Flag in Clearwater with several other members of the Lisa McPherson Trust. We had been on the street for about an hour, receiving a very positive response from the residents of Clearwater, when one of the other picketers spotted a fellow standing down the street watching us. I decided I would find out who this fellow was, and walked down the street to speak with him.

The man identified himself as an OSA agent and admitted he had been "tailing" me for some time.

After a few words back and forth, the OSA guy started making comments based upon my PC folder. Now, for those of you who don't know, I was a Scientologist for twenty years, gave them a million dollars, and I have a lot of PC folders! This guy picked what he thought was the most embarrassing, or demeaning thing in my supposedly confidential PC folders, and taunted me with it.

I explained that while much of what was in my PC folder turned out to be past life false memory syndrome, I had expected some level of confidentiality. In fact, the failure to keep this confidence by an acknowledged member of the Church Security Staff (who are not entitled to see or review any guidance counseling folder by "Church" "policy") was the act of a morally bankrupt group.

I noted that ex-Scientologist critics, such as Jesse Prince (who audited David Miscavige), have never stooped to such slimy, creepy behavior.

I thought I would post this little interlude so that all the Scientologists who "lurk" here could understand what the current Scientology management is all about. To have someone shout supposedly confidential material from one's PC Folder on the public street is a disgusting, outrageous experience, but very revealing in terms of the low level of ethics of the current Scientology management.

It's interesting to note that Scientology is very critical of Psychiatry for that profession's low level of ethics. But have you ever heard of a psychiatrist shouting confidential session material on the street? No, I'm afraid they wouldn't sink that low. It is only the current Scientology Management who would demean themselves by doing so.

Please do not support this group of criminals. Please join me and the other, decent ex-Scientologists in exposing the crimes of current Scientology Management by joining the Lisa McPherson Trust. If you once thought you could do good by joining Scientology, know now that you can do better by helping to end the reign of criminality of the current management.


Peter N. Alexander


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