Scientology Crime Syndicate

Scientology moving away

After only ten months, Scientology leaving
information center on Stauffach

Zurich, Switzerland
April 29, 2000

by Hugo Stamm

The controversial Scientology psycho-sect began on Friday to vacate its Information and Test Center on 41 Badener Street. To be sure, the American organization will soon be opening a new information center downtown. Where the stubborn street missionaries will be hunting for customers in the future, though, is still not known. Scientology spokesman Juerg Stettler does not intend to betray where Scientology will be pitching its new camp. The public will be informed soon enough and the contract is already being wrapped up, he said.

Driving customers away

It is no surprise that the Scientologists will be leaving their center on Stauffach after only ten months, because the rental contract only ever went up to the end of April 2000. The Hubbard adherents were sub-lessees of the Neuburg sports shop, whose contract with Paradeplatz real estate has run out.

Their departure gives primarily the surrounding businesses and residents reason to celebrate. "When the Scientologists stood in front of our shop with their leaflets, some pedestrians would go over to the other side of the street," said a sales lady from an adjacent business. "In the beginning we had to shoo them away, later we just had to give them the 'look'," reported an employee from a different shop. "I called the police on them once," chimed in her colleague. District Association President Max Kuenzig also expressed his relief at the prospect. In a recent session of the Stauffach Interest Association, shop owners, as with one voice, expressed their dissatisfaction about the daily recruitment operations of the Scientologists. "I have gotten many complaints and the residents feel as though they are being harassed," said Kuenzig. The recently broken front window of the Scientology center is one more sign of the tense relations on Stauffach. The saga will soon continue - in a different quarter.


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