Scientology Crime Syndicate

03 May 2000
Fredric L. Rice

Mike McKean Sr wrote:

> >From: Garry garry@newsguy.com
> > It's comments like yours and your ilk which only
> >strengthens the bonds of Scientologists...
> You got that right Garry, reading the posts made by "critics" of Scientology
> has DEFINITLY strengthened MY dedication to Scientology!

I suspect that you're lying to yourself, first and foremost, about that. One of the neat things about a.r.s is the fact that it is quite probably the single unsailable reason why the Scientology cult's leaders are getting punished for killing Lisa McPherson. If it had not been for Jeff Jacobsen doing some homework and stepping on bases with others who had fallen victim to the cult in the past, he wouldn't have pieced the events together enough to inform the Clearwater law enforcement agencies and prosecution as to the likely events.

And as you may know, originally the murderous cultists that were questioned lied pathologically to the police as in accord with TR-L. People on this forum helped to crack those culpable individuals open to the point where, in exchange for immunity, they finally spilled their guts about how and why they killed her. We learned that it was an idiot mistake, instigated because the people involved weren't allowed to think for themselves. They engaged in Hubbard tech and unthinkingly killed her. That's something to be ashamed of.

You've read the court documents, the details that have been both reported and discovered by participants here, and a great deal of undeniable, factual information about the criminal and the deadly predations of the criminal organization. I find it extremely unlikely that you could review the information that gets provided here in this excellent forum and not get your confidence in the organization chipped away at with every undeniable truth.

Indeed, the sole reason you had to resort to spamming and flooding this newsgroup was because you were emotionally hurt by the undeniability of the information that gets covered here. You had to deal with the hurt the only way you could.

You know, Mike, that many of the people here would open their arms to you without question to help you rediscover your life without the Scientology cult. We can help you anonymously and you need not worry that your PC folder could be used against you.

"It doesn't give me displeasure to hear of a virgin being raped. The
lot of women is to be fornicated."-L. Ron Hubbard, "Affirmations" 1947
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