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The Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin from which I quote below is a part of the Hubbard Qualified Scientologist (HQS) Course. It is studied and "drilled", and it is a very important part of the course.

This same bulletin is also part of the Hubbard Apprentice Scientologist (HAS) Course (also called the Communications Course), which is a basic (or introductory) course. The materials on "TRs", which include "bull- baiting", are a part of _many_ other courses in Scientology.

For example, I did "bullbaiting" drills as part of the required materials on the "PTS/SP Course". Auditors do them as part of the required indoc- trination on many courses as they "advance" in the auditor training levels. Ethics Officers, MAAs, Directors of Inspections and Reports (all of which are HCO Division I, Department 3 posts) do them. GO/OSA staff do "TRs" as part of their required training, whether they are posted as finance, public relations or invest personnel. As a staff member, a Scientologist does "TRs" many, many times over the years as he/she gets "hatted" (trained) for various posts. I was required to do "TRs", including "bullbaiting", as a part of my training (on at least three different finance courses) for the various administrative positions I held in Treasury. I mention this because I have seen other state on this newsgroup that "TRs" (including "bullbaiting") are for use in "auditing sessions". While this is certainly true, "TRs" have other uses, quite apart from use by "auditors". I will discuss this later in this article.

OK. Here's the applicable reference on "bullbaiting" that I mentioned above:

HCOB 16 August 1971R Issue II, Revised 5 July 1978 "Training Drills Remodernized". This HCOB was the one in use for over two decades in Scientology - between April 1961 (almost twelve years before I became a member) and at least November 1981. It may have been revised after then; I am not certain. But I know it is the bulletin used between those dates because I have documentation, including my deceased wife's HQS Course pack, and she was a student doing the HQS Course at ASHO between March 16th and November 25th, 1981.

Here are some excerpts from the HCOB: (caps as the appear in original):

"Public courses on TRs are NOT 'softened' because they are for the Public. Absolutely no standards are lowered. THE PUBLIC ARE GIVEN REAL TRs - ROUGH, TOUGH AND HARD. To do otherwise is to lose 90% of the results. There is nothing pale and patty-cake about TRs."




"_NAME_: Confronting Bullbaited."

"_COMMANDS_: Coach: 'Start' 'That's it' 'Flunk'."

"_POSITION_: Student and coach sit facing each other a comfortable distance apart - about three feet."

"_PURPOSE_: To train student to confront a preclear with auditing or with nothing. The whole idea is to get the student able to BE there comfortably in a position three feet in front of the preclear without being thrown off, distracted or reacting in any way to what the preclear says or does."

"_TRAINING STRESS_: After the student has passed TR 0 and he can just BE there comfortably, 'bull baiting' can begin. Anything added to BEING THERE is sharply flunked by the coach. Twitches, blinks, sighs, fidgets, anything except just being there is promptly flunked, with the reason why."

"_PATTER_: Student coughs. Coach: 'Flunk! you coughed. Start.' This is the whole of the coach's patter as a coach."

"_PATTER AS A CONFRONTED SUBJECT_: The coach may say anything or do anything except leave the chair. The student's 'buttons' can be found and tromped on hard. Any words not coaching words may receive _no_ response from the student. If the student responds, the coach is instantly a coach (see patter above). Student passes when he can BE there comfortably without being thrown off or distracted or react in any way to anything the coach says or does and has reached a _major stable win_."

"_HISTORY_: Developed by L. Ron Hubbard in Washington in March 1957 to train students to confront preclears in the absence of social tricks or conversation and to overcome obsessive compulsions to be 'interesting'. Revised by L. Ron Hubbard April 1961 on finding that SOP Goals [see note 1] required for its success a much higher level of technical skill than earlier processes. Revised by L. Ron Hubbard in August 1971 after research discoveries on TRs."

[Note 1 - SOP Goals means "Standard Operating Procedure Goals. For more on this subject, and how it relates to the use of TR 0 Bullbaited, see the following L. Ron Hubbard writings: a) _Scientology 8-8008_, page 85; b) "Professional Auditor's Bulletin Number 2"; c) _Creation of Human Ability_, page 246; d) HCOB 23 March 1961 "SOP Goals"; e) HCOB 6 April 1961 "SOP Goals - Goals Assessment Problems Sorted Out"; f) HCOB 11 April 1961 "SOP Goals Errors"; and g) HCOB 13 May 1961 "Assessing For SOP Goals Improved".]


Here's another "Source" reference (from L. Ron Hubbard) on "bull- baiting". It is from his writings called "L. Ron Hubbard Definition Notes":

"BULL-BAITING, in coaching certain drills, the coach attempts to find certain actions, words, phrases, mannerisms, or subjects that cause the student doing the drill to become distracted from the drill by reacting to the coach. As a bullfighter attempts to attract the bull's attention and control the bull, so does the coach attempt to attract and control the student's attention, however the coach flunks the student whenever he succeeds in distracting the student from the drill and then repeats the action until it no longer has any effect on the student. Taken from a Spanish and English sport of 'baiting' which means 'to set dogs upon a chained bull', but mainly 'to attack or torment especially with persistent insult, criticism or ridicule'. Also 'to tease'."



What I've _seen_ done by students doing "TR 0 Bullbaited":

I've seen Scientologists on courses hurl insults of virtually all imaginable kinds, from using sexual "buttons" (such as "bitch", "cocksucker", "fag", "faggot", "dyke", "queer", "homo", "whore", "slut", just to name a few), to using terms designed to trigger "buttons" pertaining to the person's appearance (such as "fattie", "ugly", "funny-looking", "strange", "DB", "weirdo", "pig", "wog", etc.).

I've also seen Scientologists (both male and female) touch their "twin" while doing "TR 0 Bullbaited", including *unzipping* a person's pants zipper, teasing by stroking a person's inner thigh, and lightly playing with the nape of their twin's neck, combined with the use of sexual innuendos. I've observed one student ask another if he would "like a blowjob", and whether he would "like to fuck".

I've also seen angry insults and threats, such as threatening to "smash your face in", "send you to ethics", etc.

Some of the above have been done to me.


My opinion:

True, "TRs" are used by "auditors" so that they can learn to "confront, be there comfortably, and not react" to their "pcs". After all, when doing an "auditing session", particularly a "sec check" or "confessional", the "auditor" _wants_ to "make it safe" for the "pc" to open up. Also, if a "pc" is recounting some very embarrassing thing he/she did, it is seen as necessary (in Scienoland) to make it "OK" for the "pc" to tell about the "incident". It is definitely held by Scienos that the "auditor" must act like and be a "professional". As they say in Scienoland, "auditor plus pc is greater than the bank". In other words, the "auditor" will put forth the idea that he/she is there to "help the pc", and that with the "co-operation of the pc", together they both can be "at cause over the "preclear's reactive mind". Simply put, the idea is to get the "pc" to have confidence in the ability of his/her "auditor". So "TR 0 Bullbaited" is "helpful" in this respect because very few "pcs" would feel at ease while in an "auditing session" if the "auditor" was laughing or grimacing or making contorted facial expressions or otherwise losing his/her composure.

"TR 0 Bullbaited" has other uses completely outside of an "auditing session". If you have picketed a Scientology organization, or if you are an "SP reporter", then in all probability you have been "bullbaited" by an OSA staff member or other "handler" whose job it is to a) find your buttons, b) distract you from picketing or getting your questions answered, c) elicit a response from you so that the cult can gather intelligence information for their dossier on you, or d) make you "caved in" or scared enough that you will *go away* or stop picketing or whatever "SP activity" you are engaged in.



"TR 3 Intelligence With Bullbaiting" is used by cult operatives. This practice may be found on the course drill, which is learned well and which is extensively drilled by OSA (formerly GO) staff members. The drill is part of the "hatting" (training) for "Intelligence Specialists" and "PR Specialists" in Scientology. Do a search at deja.com for a post done on 27 August 1997 by the subject of "TR-L and other Agent TR's". This technique was used by Mo Budlong and taught to other GO operatives. For those of you who do not know, Mo Budlong was Deputy Guardian for Intelligence World Wide, and he is one of the Snow White Conspirators convicted for crimes against the US Government in US v. Mary Sue Hubbard, et al.

For related information, see info on BPL 30 May 1974 "PR Series 24 Handling Hostile Contacts/Dead Agenting" and policy letter of 10 December 1969 "Confidential - Reporter's TRs" (do a deja.com or Internet search if you haven't read these!)

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