Scientology Crime Syndicate

From: Elizabeth Ann Cox -- elizanncox@chesapeake.net
Date: 4 May 2000 13:59:36 -0700

The disrespect and arrogance with which the members of the cult treat the Toronto area critics speaks volumes of the “quality” of their religion and their purported supremely developed humanity and spirituality. The harassment, the treachery, the physical and mental abuse is a strong indicator of the depths to which the cult has fallen.

Clearly, this treatment of a specific group shows the cult to be precisely what they are. The persons are nothing more than a gang of thugs who thrive in the gutter -- the modern day equivalent of the brown shirts of yesterday. Common street thugs long devoid of morality, ethics, justice and a sense of decency. I wonder what their parents think of their actions? I call them despicable. Any reasonable person would.

Harassment of critics is certainly not new, and the cult has frequently operated beyond the pale of contempt. However, even their actions have sunk to a new low. Frankly, I did not think this was possible, even for them. Somehow, their current low brings an entirely new meaning to the term bottom feeder.

The bottom feeders are the androids, the robotic, those who have sworn allegiance to source. What was source but a miscarriage of a man, a wannabe god, and an individual devoid of any sense of humanity? This is what the bottom feeder’s worship. What do they receive in return? Little or nothing! They believe they are finding their eternity, eliminating their ruin. Tragically, nobody told them that the bridge to nowhere is their road to ruin. This degradation they endure, their measure of scientology ethics and amends, leads them to degrade others. They are so low on their own tone scale they fail to realize they have bottomed out.

Knowing nothing but degradation, and existing within a tyrannical organization where love is not a word on the tone scale, one understands their inability to treat another human being with respect, kindness, and integrity. They are the disposable ones, the sacrificial lambs on the altar of Miscavage and Rinder, who remain at a distance from the fray, but run the show. They have not found spiritual and freedom, rather enslavement. I wonder if they are actually jealous of the freedom that the critics enjoy?

This is not a religion. Rather, it is a multi level marketing sham intent upon world domination. These cult members are nothing more then heretics themselves. While they decry the protestors of their sham cult, they behave as if they were a lynch mob. So much for the pretense of a religious organization -- this cult could provide the mob with a few lessons in intimidation.

One thing I do know, the protestors in Toronto must be among the finest on the planet. Why? Simply, if they were not effective, they would not be subject to this level of harassment and mistreatment. Keep up the good work Toronto critics, the cult is obviously feeling the heat.

Elizabeth Ann Cox
AKA, Bunnyann


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