Scientology Crime Syndicate

From: kngpeter@aol.com (Kng Peter)
Date: 05 May 2000 03:20:04 GMT

I recently posted about an incident last Friday in which an OSA agent taunted me on the streets of Clearwater with confidential information from my PC folder.

I should add that during a recent deposition in the Lisa McPherson case, Moxon-the Scientology attorney and a Scientologist himself-repeatedly asked me questions about the contents of my PC folders. From this, and the subsequent incident on the street, I gather that the use and abuse of confidential material from former Scientologists PC folders is standard practice by the current Scientology upper management.

It appears that there are two sets of Scientology ethics: one set is for the public, and the lower level Sea Org members; the other, hidden set is low, dirty and unethical, and governs the action of the inner circle of upper management.

I would like to thank Claire, a Scientologist, for having the courage to come forward and post to ARS that the actions of the OSA agent were wrong and disgusting.

I also saw a post from my former friend and current Scientologist, Russ Shaw, and I thought that he might join Claire in condemning the OSA guy, but he did not. I'm surprised at Russ, since he knows that breaking the agreement to retain confidentiality strikes a blow not only at me, but every single Scientologist, including himself.

Russ, you need to stand up and be counted.

Beverly posted that Claire, the Scientologist, should have complained about the violation to her own Scientology org. That's true Bev, but I'm sure we are all aware that OSA monitors ARS, and Claire's post was immediately communicated to upper management. According to my ex-Scientologist friends Jesse and Stacy, who were formerly a part of upper management, such complaints are, unfortunately, laughed at and ignored.

However, I don't think the management would ignore a rash of such complaints, particularly if they were accompanied by a note which indicated the public would stop contributing money until such time as the unethical practices of OSA and upper management ceased.

So Scientologists, if you want to Keep Scientology Working, you have a lot of work to do. Repudiate the actions of your current upper management, withhold funds until they reform, or replace them if they do not.


Peter N. Alexander


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