Scientology Crime Syndicate

From: Warrior <warrior@entheta.net>
Date: 4 May 2000 22:41:25 -0700

Here's what Scientology International management said about its own Cadet Org children in an issue approved by the Watchdog Committee & its Board of Directors:

"The CEO also did not hold the line on keeping the Cadet Org running as a separate unit and in fact contributed to its unmock. Looking into this it was found that the CEO also had a large number of DBs, criminals and perverts posted in it." --Aides Order 203-71, pg.5



CEO = Cadet Estates Org (organization of adults responsible for overseeing the Cadet Org)

Cadet Org = Organization for children (Cadets) of Sea Org parents

Cadets = Sea Org children

DBs = Degraded Beings (in this context, persons NOT qualified to care for children). Since these staff were not wanted by the Sea Org orgs in PAC, they were posted at the Cadet Org!


Scientology management allowed an illegal and grossly negligent situation to continue for *years*. Not only was the Cadet Org understaffed with nannies (in violation of California laws pertaining to minimum requirements for ratios of caretakers to children in child care facilities), but the staff who *were* posted as nannies were often criminals, perverts and degraded beings. The more able staff were posted as Registrars and executives, whose job is to "make money; make more money; make others produce so as to make more money". The proper care of children is not as important to Scientology as is making "GI" (gross income).

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