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Title: E-Meters - "Ask Warrior about the effect..."
Author: Warrior <werreour@flash.net>
Date: 23 Aug 1999

For my posting I've changed the topic of this thread, which was originally about some claims Robert Cipriano made regarding Earthlink. I don't know enough about Earthlink's operations to refute or substantiate Robert's claims, but I will say this much: I wouldn't have an account with Earthlink even if someone gave it to me for free. Why? Because there is a very strong likelihood that a Scientologist working at Earthlink would use his position to snoop into my personal life in order to gather information for Scientology.

Do you think I'm paranoid? Think again. I've known too many Scientologists who have obtained information from their place of employment and have then forwarded it directly to Scientology. Hell, this is often why a Scientologist is put into a particular position to begin with.

I have personal knowledge of Scientologists who used their positions in "the field" to forward Scientology's goals. I've been a victim of it myself, and I've known Scientologists who did it to others. You see, helping Scientology accomplish its goals and purposes is a *mandatory* responsibility of every Scientologist. Read HCO PL 1 May 1965 "Staff Member Reports", OEC Vol 0, page 166. Staff member reports are *required* from Scientologist -- "knowledge reports", "crime reports", "high crime reports", "damage reports", "waste reports", "false report reports" and "error reports" are but a few of the twenty one different types of reports *required* of Scientologists. Failing to write the required reports involves one in the crime. (ref: HCO PL 1 May 1965 "Staff Member Reports")

Ahh.. some of you are wondering, "Well, doesn't this policy only apply to Scientology staff members?" Yes, it does. But bear in mind that *field* staff members ("FSMs") are staff as well. Read the policy letters pertaining to "FSMs" and "Gung Ho groups" in OEC Volume VI, first US printing, between pages 304 and 380. Next read the policies in OEC Vol I on the various "crimes", "high crimes" and "Suppressive acts". Still don't believe me? Then go read up on Operation Snow White (on Chris Owen's pages), or look up "Safe's" posting on "crimes" in Scientology (in Deja.com's archives).

Now on to the main subject of this post...

I wish entheta.net was online because I could simply post the URLs for the articles I have already written on this subject or I could just go there myself and cut and paste to this article.

In article <7priu0$11ni@drn.newsguy.com>, entitled "Re: Boykott Earthlink Internet Sevices!", Lronscam wrote, in part:

>There are a great many people here who have not been interrogated ~nicely~ on
>the Emeter and do not realize the terrorizing effect it has on you. I have seen
>low level recruits and veteran Scientologists as well, who cringe, to the point
>of almost crying, on the Emeter... and this was just in practice session in the
>open or to see if a person has an M/U ! I haven't witnessed what happens during
>a Security Check. It is just something you have to go through to be a
>Scientologist so you ignore the warning signs. You are guilty until proven
>innocent on a daily basis. Everyone is! And if you refuse to go on the Emeter
>you are a suppressive. BANG, you're out, just like that.

All new recruits into the Sea Org receive a *mandatory* "7A Sec Check". No exceptions. The "7A Sec Check" is to be found in volume IV of the _Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology_, on pages 381-383. The "7A" is a security check for all new staff applicants. For existing staff members, there is the "HCO WW Security Form 7B", and it may be found in the same Tech Volume, pages 383 & 384.

I've seen even the most dedicated Sea Org staff members cringe at the thought of being put on the E-Meter. This was especially the case in the LA area (called PAC, for Pacific Area Command) in the late 70s during the "List One Era". During this time I was on staff in the Sea Org in LA. A Flag Mission was sent into PAC under orders to put all staff on the E-Meter to check for "List One Rock Slams". "Rock Slams" are said to be indicative of "evil intentions". They are found, according to Hubbard, in "Suppressive Persons". An "R/Ser" is a person who has "undisclosed overts" (hidden crimes) and evil intentions towards Scientology and Scientologists.

"List One" is a list of 117 phrases or terms such as "Ron", "L. Ron Hubbard", "Scientology", "meters", "Scientologists", "Dianetics", "the Founder", "Mary Sue Hubbard", "auditors", "clearing", "techniques", "reports", "field auditors", "courses", "instructors", "the HCO Secretary", "a policy letter", "a bulletin", "security", "a Scientology organization", "thetans", "a Dianetic organization", "a registrar", etc. -- you get the idea...

The "List One", or "Routine 2-12 List One" is found in _The Book of E-Meter Drills_ on pages 67 & 68. If a person has "List One R/Ses", this is grounds for being put on the RPF, Scientology's version of a slave labor prison work force.

As I was saying, a Flag Mission was sent to PAC to check *all* staff for "R/Ses". The ~justification~ for the mission was that "stats were down". In Scientology, the belief is that "stats are down because *somebody* is holding them down". So the witch hunt began...

I remember waiting my turn to be put on the E-Meter by the Flag Missionaire. We, the staff, had been called, two or three at a time to wait in a hallway outside of the rooms where the "List One" checks were being done. The fellow before me came out of the room after his E-Meter check looking terrified -- white as a sheet. We KNEW that he was RPF-bound, and sure enough, he was on the RPF for a long time. I saw him with the other RPFers the next day, and for many weeks after that. The RPF grew steadily in number until there were 200 staff on the RPF in PAC alone. (In a post to ARS some time back, I named over 100 staff members whom I knew personally that were sent to the RPF.

These Sea Org member staff were used as the slave labor work force to renovate the newly purchased Cedars of Lebanon Hospital buildings complex. This is why the complex in LA (PAC Area Command Base) is called the "Cedars Complex". During this time period I observed many of my friends (Ron Skinner, Jim Chapman, John Bostrom come to mind) being forced to work 30 hours straight with only 3 hours off in between for sleeping. And what's more, these RPFers were on a restricted diet of rice and beans, oatmeal and toast, and skim milk. They were allowed no personal time off. Even their laundry was done by an RPF member who had been appointed to the task. They received 1/4 pay *at best* (approximately $2.50 - $3.00 per week) as per Flag Order 3434RB. The RPFers had to run everywhere they went; everyone outside of the RPF, as well as their seniors, were to be addressed as "Sir"; and they were not to speak to anyone unless spoken to.

Anyway, after the renovations were almost completed, Scientology management put out an issue saying that virtually *all* of the staff who had been assigned to the RPF were not actually "List One R/Sers". The labelling of these poor Sea Org members as "List One R/Sers" was said to have been a "mistake". Scientology management said they had been assigned to the RPF due to the missionaires having incorrectly read the E-Meter. What had been read as "List One R/Ses" were *actually* NOT "R/Ses", but were an E-Meter read called a "dirty needle" -- something completely different.

>Scientologist are not allowed to ~think~ negative thoughts about Hubbie and his
>little ingenious subversive plot. It is not that it is a problem to go on it
>one time but it is the synergistic effect of going on hundreds and thousands of
>times (remember, the Emeter is ~believed~ by Scn. to be able to read your
>thoughts).Davey doesn't have one person in his vicinity who hasn't proven their
>loyalty to the cult 1000 times or more, and at that, written as to whom is
>really the most loyal. Ask Warrior about the effect it has on you. If you would
>like, there are plenty of Ex Scn. around who wouldn't mind demonstrating this
>on you. I dare you to go on it daily for a month and see how it feels. I
>believe that it is necessary to be a true critic.

Most of the "auditing" I had in Scientology consisted of "Sec checks".

>Hubbard was so crafty it takes years to really find out where you stand after
>leaving the cult and the Emeter is intrumental in that effect, if not the main
>reason why. Hubbard wasn't satisfied with controlling what you said or the
>information that you were exposed to. He went a wee bit deeper than that.

He developed the perfect brainwashing organization.

>Hubbard knew from the start the control he could muster. Put a person
>on a lie detector and tie it in with religion and what do you have? You
>can answer that.

What the world has is a psycho-political terrorist organization masquerading as a religion.

See http://www.entheta.org/entheta/1stpersn/warrior/


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