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Date: 8 May 2000 14:58:34 -0400

"MAY 9 DAY. On this day in 1950, the Founder of Dianetics and Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard published Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. This date is celebrated by all Churches and Missions internationally, as it is accepted as THE founding date of Dianetics and Scientology, and tributes to the founder are paid in all Scientology organizations." That is an extract from "What is Scientology?" published in 1978 by Church of Scientology of California in Los Angeles, USA, and in all other countries by AOSH DK Publications Department A/S in Denmark..

50 years have gone by, and a lot has happened. Of possible interest to many readers familiar with Scientology is the following anonymous account of work with The Pilot's book Self Clearing. (I know the author of the account) Data on this book (and the book itself, free download) can be seen by following the Links on IVys Home Page (see end of this message). Data on the Internet list for those running the processes is obtainable by writing to majordomo@gem.lightlink.com with the one line message (no subject needed) info selfclearing-l You will be then emailed information on it.

Here is the Success Story (I hope you don't find the words Success Story restimulative of anything :-)


April 2000

(R) My partner (T) and I have now completed up to chapter 23 of the Self Clearing book, each process to a win and without using a meter. My main purpose for choosing SC was to see if clearing `worked' without a meter, especially on someone totally `raw'. Two years on we've proved it does.

I was meter trained and OTIII before starting this project. Upon discovering the free zone I made personal gains on everything I tried (OTIV, Excalibur, L Kin, UCP, etc). But, as I say, I wanted something both my (raw) partner and myself could do together. With SC I was surprised that every process `worked' for both of us. I have no idea what was `reading' and what wasn't because we didn't use a meter.

For T (my partner) it was rough and tough with little self determinism the first year. I evaluated and invalidated, made mistakes and repeatedly risked our relationship to push her along. But the wins were there and eventually they came more easily. Now it's routine. Recently she declared herself a `Problems Release'.

This month we reached chapter 23 which suggests using an e-meter if possible. T was keen (a BIG turnaround as she has never `liked' being audited) so I began. Ignoring her `usual' high TA (5.75-4.75) I ran her through a couple of ARC X handlings (per ch 23) and she blew some charge and had some nice realisations. I let her see my rough worksheets because even as a `Self Clearer' she will need to know how to meter audit eventually. She was concerned her TA was still high (between 5 and 6) as it had been each of the few times I'd coaxed her to pick up the cans over the years. She felt it meant she was somehow a failure. I reassured her (evaluated) it actually indicated a strong being. We ended with her big win of spotting the postulate `I'm evil and must be stopped' and her realisation it was her `first implant'. (F/N, VVGIs, high TA.)

Next session, expecting her to continue routine `Self' clearing she surprised me with `I'm at demand for improvement' insisting on further metered auditing.

Again ignoring the high TA I asked (per ch 23) was there anything she wanted handled. She said `Yes, two things. One is not mine, I think it's an entity and the other is my implant `I'm evil and must be stopped.' Again she was VVGIs so I ended off because I had no idea what to do next. Without warning she had suddenly stepped into the Twilight Zone, sorry, no-interference zone.

I decided the solution was in chapter 38 - Entities And Spiritual Fragments - and had T read through some of it. Hearing of such things over the years had meant nothing to her until now.

Next session, quickly ensuring she understood the procedure, I ran process 38.7 asking her to locate a mass or pressure. She originated `a chest pain since yesterday'. I missed the meter read (no excuses) and had her `locate the being causing the pressure'. Quickly recalling how I'd received `ruds OT style' (years ago) I said `Ask it what are you?' She said `It's here to hurt me'. (There was no missing this read as the TA shot down from 4.6 to 4.0). I got her to repeat the `what' question. Pause. Then she said `A bug' (4.0 to 3.8). I said `Good, acknowledge it'. Then `Ask it who it is and have it say `me'.

I saw the needle float and the VGIs when she said `It's like a parasite!' and checked that it had blown. She then originated/realised `They can leave on their own!'

Very excited, she quickly then originated/realised she'd blown something `herself' last year, a `stamping in the ears like an army marching in my head'. VVGIs. I now shared with her that I'd often known it was `entities' but had to wait until she was ready to handle this area of case.

With the TA rising I asked if there was something else she'd like to handle. `A rod' blew down (from TA 4.3 to 3.75) on who/me to an entity connected to a childhood object but then we reached a stuck point. Quickly reviewing chapter 38 I said let's push it through Incident One and had her skim through the Pilot's Incident one. She cognited the entity was `a shifting 4 dimensional thing' and said `It's gone from me'. I indicated the F/N as she said `It felt so real!'.

Since hitting the `non-interference' area my partner's `high TA' is down from 5 and above to 3.3 for the first time ever and she is noticably more cause than effect. As I no longer have to withhold `OT stuff' from her our ARC has skyrocketed. This morning I noticed the telepathy between us is stronger, clearer and more instant. A number of (human) considerations and disabilities have suddenly been replaced with her new stable datum `I'm on NOTs!'

Having neglected our Self Clearing Diary for some months I felt this information was too significant to not feed back to the Free Zone, especially the Pilot and our fellow Self Clearers. Anyway, enough from me. Here's what T has to say about it...(R)

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Wed 12/4/00

(T) I have recently been troubled by a thought `I'm evil and I must be stopped'. This arose due to me not handling a life-threatening situation involving my mother's health. With R auditing me on the meter I realised this was an implant. Simply discovering that it was an implant, I'm no longer effect of the thought. This was the first time I'd had a big win using the meter. We also dealt with an entity influencing me towards some unusual behaviour when I travel on trains.

Regarding the stamping in my head, I had this problem for at least ten years on a daily basis. It was very annoying, but I felt if I told anyone they would have told me to seek psychiatric help. It blew at some point during Self Clearing and since the recent auditing I now realise it was probably an entity.

I have recently had back pain which I had assumed was a physical problem. Handling an entity recently resulted in the back pain disappearing. I discovered the entity which was being `a rod'. Considering how new this whole entity business is to me, it was very real and obviously not made up.

Although I had been interested in metered auditing for some time, it was disheartening to see my TA so high in the beginning. My understanding is it is not good to have a high TA. I'm getting much better wins in auditing now I am addressing the area of entities. Prior to this latest auditing I did not think entities had anything to do with me (or that I had ARCXs). Now I see how valuable this auditing is and I look forward to the sessions with R.

Fri 14/4/00

(T) After discussion with R and with reference to various definitions I'm confident of having attained the state of `Clear'. We are currently searching for a handling on this, but I'm feeling very good about it. I commented to R yesterday how the Self Clearing has helped in all aspects of life, including physical activity. For instance, jogging after a break of five days is not a problem and I continue to improve in swimming which used to be really traumatic for me. I still have the occasional upset but it now only lasts seconds instead of days.


(R) Another recent personal win (one of so many Self Clearing wins) was the attainment of `Clear' on the subject of groups (3rd dynamic). Thanks Pilot.


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