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They did more than apologise; they had to admit in open court that the allegations - which appeared in a lurid 1969 article by Hubbard entitled "THE ENEMIES OF SCIENTOLOGY" - were completely baseless and untrue. The judge was scathing, calling the whole affair "deeply unpleasant" and "distasteful". The article was reprinted in its entirety in the 1971 "Report into the Practices and Effects of Scientology" by Sir John Foster as an example of Scientology's attitude towards its perceived enemies; here it is in full, giving you the full flavour of Hubbard's rampantly hysterical paranoia:


The instigators of these Death Camps is a private psychiatric front group of which Lord Balniel is an officer. Kenneth Robinson was a Director of it. Scientologists have found they instigate these Death Camps throughout the U.S. and Commonwealth. They control large sections of governments and attack anyone who opposes their new fascist state. They seek the right to seize and kill any man, woman or child who opposes them. Cecil King was one of them. He was to be the new Hitler in England. Immigration and Health Ministries were totally controlled by them throughout Commonwealth and U.S. Nelson Rockefeller through his U.S. Foundation was to be the new Fuehrer in the U.S. These people are merciless and seek destroy any opposition with Death Camps.

The public can expect Cardiff Hospital Staff to get sacked and blame while they were only following orders. Lord Balniel, Kenneth Robinson Cecil King and all the very posh overlords of this conspiracy will crucify their henchmen to try to keep their own shirts clean. Death Camp orders come from the very top. A psychiatrist . . ., once told me years ago he would be sacked if he refused to follow Health Ministry orders to torture and kill patients. He gave me the data on what was happening in these Death Camps. When he protested his orders from superiors he himself died, and I was never satisfied by official account of his death. This goes to the very top of society. The names connected with these atrocities a astonishing. This whole cancer should be dug out and exposed to the public view before England finds herself wholly in Fascist hands. For years they tried to strike down or discredit anyone who knew about their Death Camps. Now it is exposed and they are reaping the hurricane. These best people kicked Greece out of Europe for torturing prisoners while they themselves were running Death Camps. Now watch them try to whitewash themselves by blaming their lowest henchmen. The same arguments were tried in the Nuremburg Trials that they didn't know what their staffs were doing. But they still hanged the war criminals in Germany for the same crimes.

L. Ron Hubbard"


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