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From: Chris Owen <chriso@lutefisk.OISPAMNOdemon.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 00:37:23 +0100

Spotted in "Amnesia in Bodies - Part III", a lecture given on 13 October 1953 and presently disseminated as tape #13 of the "Exteriorization and the Phenomena of Space" cassette series:

"And don't ever try to do a thing with Mercury. It's too close to the sun anyway. But it goes around the sun, zip! zip! zip! zip! zip! zip! zip! People on Mercury - para-Scientology - the people up in the solar-radiation stations on Mercury must be very confused. Matter of fact, they're very low Tone Scale, those people - very low toned.

Guys who are very upset about sunburn are quite often all connected up with the solar stations - in para-Scientology - the solar stations that are on Mercury. It gets real close in, picks up direct radiation and translates it. And these people get burned to a crisp with no excuse whatsoever. And boy, does it turn on - you can turn on, by running that, you can turn on the finest sunburn on a preclear you ever saw. He just transfers somatic from Mercury, where he's got a body in pawn or something of the sort, to his body here. You can transfer these somatics around in space if you want to, and you're apt to if you don't know something about spatial location."

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