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From: Chris Owen <chriso@lutefisk.OISPAMNOdemon.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 00:38:56 +0100

>From a Hubbard lecture, "SOP: Step II (Continued)", given on 12 October 1953 and now tape #11 of the "Exteriorization and the Phenomena of Space" cassette series:

"I had a pc one time who became an addict - I'm sorry, but he did - an addict of processing. He used to go up and sit on a corona plume of the sun and rolly coaster. Turn on his gravity sensitivity and let the sun pull him in. And it's about a 240 thousand mile chute at its extremity. And you get to going real fast toward that big mass of sun, you know, and it produces quite a sensation which is very exterior to the preclear.

And I asked him, didn't the radioactive particles bother him, and so forth, and he didn't seem to hear me. It was sure lots of fun though. It was more fun than the Rabbit Eight down at Venice, California, which is the big rolly coaster machine.

So there are things in this universe which are interesting. And going skating on liquid air on Jupiter is always very interesting, too."

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