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10 May 2000

On Wed, 10 May 2000 14:14:49 GMT, "Michael"
<Michael@universalway.org> wrote:

> Are You A Bad Parent?

Yes. Very, very bad! *PUNISH ME!*

> Use sex in a casual manner which threatens the conception and birth of the
> future children in their bodies without having first made a conscious decision
> as to who would be the best mother or father for their child.


> Have a child before they have made an intentional effort to learn all the
> information necessary about birthing and rearing children in the most
> intelligent and compassionate manner possible.

Wow. That covers about six billion people.

> Allow a medical doctor belonging to a national medical association, to birth
> their baby, and thus, do not birth their child into the waters of life from
> which the baby originally sprang, through the method of birth known as
> "water-birth."

You're all wet.

> Do not breastfeed their baby, but instead feed their baby the milk of strange
> animals, and allow their children to be nourished by foods which contain known
> poisons or which are devoid of the nutrients necessary to healthy and productive
> life.

I feed our baby brandy and vodka. Keeps her from crying and waking us up all night. Why, most of the day and night she's no trouble at all!

> Allow the mutilation of the external sexual organs of their baby, be it by a
> member of the priestcraft of an alleged religion or by medical doctors belonging
> to a national medical association, through the practice of baby mutilation known
> as infant circumcision.

When my wife had her baby, we had the infant's ears peirced and hung silver pentagrams from her ears. Then we took the baby to the local tattoo parlor and had "I BELONG TO THE DARK LORD SATAN" indellibly engraved on the baby's ass in bright red-and-yellow colors.

Does that make us bad parents?

> Use prison-like constructs such as cribs and playpens and strollers to confine
> their babies, products that were manufactured, recommended, and sold by the
> associates of national medical associations, as opposed to using baby-nurturing
> front-loaded slings which are known to perpetuate the natural bond between
> parents and baby .

Yes. We let our baby wander over to the swimming pool and peer over the side if she wants. Every now and then, between martinis, we might remember to look over and see if our baby is still breathing atmosphere.

> Do not allow the baby to sleep in the same bed as the baby's parents, and thus,
> create a separation and an alienation of that natural bond which must exist
> between parents and baby.

Our bed is =WAY= too crowded with "guest couples" we pick up at the airport. No room for baby!

> The word "no" becomes the primary instruction which they communicate to their
> baby, and which the baby eventually interprets as being designed to prevent the
> baby from reaching out into the world and exploring.

Our baby only hears the word "Yes!" Such as when it reaches for the hot stove, or when pulling down the hot iron from the ironing board via the cord, or when sticking a fork in an electric socket, or sitting on the cat, or playing with the loaded .44 magnum we keep in baby's playpen along with the fluffy bunnies and pink teddy bear.

> Michael


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