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Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 20:44:53 GMT

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Greg's article addressed -NONE- of the reasons why the Scientology organization is so often rightfully criticised, picketed, and subject to law enforcement prosecution throughout the world. His "article" is so absurdly evasive that one wonders who he expected to fool.

What about the crimes the business commits? The ceaseless harassment of critics? The economic ruin of critics? The assaults? The batteries? Why didn't Greg bring up Scott Mayer's blown-up car? Or the B1 file extortion threat just before Mayer testified against the business?

Where in the article was there listed all the suicides that are systemic in Scientology? What about all the mysterious deaths? What about all the people driven insane, what the business calls "PTS Type Three?" What about the systemic child abuse? And their "disconnect policy," where a family member never sees their Scientologist son, daughter, mother, or father ever again?

Where in Greg's article was the story about how the business framed Paullete Cooper for bomb threats she never made, and where she was so close to suicide from the stress that one of the Scientology business' "secret agents" gleefully wrote back to his bosses "Wouldn't that be GREAT for Scientology?!"

Why didn't Greg mention Scientology's framing the Clearwater mayor for homicide?

Where is Greg's report of the Scientology's business of putting LSD in a pregnant woman's tooth paste so that her husband would be too busy and panic striken to testify against them?

Or the law suits against many newspapers and magazines brought by the Scientology business against them for "copyright violations" just because the papers quoted 17 words out of a text of 20,000 words?

The Scientology business was caught infiltrating, breaking and entering, and stealing documents from government and private offices in Canada, the United States, Greece, Germany, and many other countries (called "Operation Snow White").

What other "religion" teaches their members how to lie effectively to the news media (called "TR-L" by Scientology).

This list could go on and on and on.

Scientology criminal acts: http://holysmoke.org/mm/mm.htm

Filmed testimonies: http://www.xenu.net

The victims of Scientology: http://holysmoke.org/theta.htm

Why didn't Greg tell his readers the REAL reason why the Scientology business is RIGHTFULLY reviled throughout the world?

It has NOTHING AT ALL to do with "religion," or "novelty," nor "combatting big businesses" like Eli Lilly (which by the way has vastly improved the health and happiness of millions--- unlike the Scientology business that spews out miserable emotional and financial wreaks like Winchell's spews out doughnuts).

What about the Scientology's "Fair Game" policy, Greg?! LISA McPHERSON, Greg! Paulette Cooper, Greg! Mike McClaughry, Greg! Graham Berry, Mark Bunker, Wayne Whitney, Robert Vaughn Young, Gerry Armstrong.... the list of innocent victims would take up a hundred pages.

What about the Scientology business trying to REMOVE an entire newsgroup from USENET just because the "church" did not approve of what people were saying there?! What about the forged newsgroup articles posted under critic's names but with neo-Nazi hate literature appended under those names and posted to USENET more than 1.4 MILLION times, Greg?! Do you really believe that was NOT a reason why people are RIGHTFULLY denouncing the Scientology business?

Here's one, Greg: the Scientology business sells itself as "compatible with Christianity." What it does not tell people is that Scientology's "upper level scriptures" teach that Christ never existed, but was merely an imaginary brainwashing tool used by evil space alien psychiatrists at "implant stations" on Mars and Venus. And that Christianity is a tool to enslave humanity, not liberate it! And that Heaven is a "mock up" built on a distant planet by those space aliens just to confuse us? And that Hubbard said Scientology was here to replace Christianity? Greg, read HCO BULLETIN OF MAY 11, AD13 again--- this is Scientology "scripture" where Hubbard says these things.

When a neighbor sees a crime and calls the cops, is that neighbor being a "religious bigot?" NO! This is a wake-up call, Greg: CRIME and HARASSMENT is the reason!

"Shy" David Rice. A proud supporter and defender of religious rights. Help fight religious descrimination! http://holysmoke.org/tolerate.htm

"I want to dance." --- Lisa McPherson, 18 Nov 95


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