Scientology Crime Syndicate

17 May 2000
Fredric L. Rice

On pages 2 and 3 of this issue of the cult's conspiracy magazine, we find anonymously-written articles titled, "Church spearheads cyberspace rights battle" and "Beware: Creative works in jeopardy."

First off, they're anonymous for a reason: Some of the rhetoric is juxtapositioned so that readers will tie statements together. For instance, on page 3 the anonymous writer talks about Mr. Arnie Lerma, alleging that he stole the once-secret cult documents that were entered into the Fishman Affidavit court record. Then, in a new paragraph immediately following, the anonymous cultist writes:

"Small-time criminals who traffic in stolen property are routinely jailed by courts from coast to coast."

The anonymous writer is calling our very own Mr. Arnie Lerma a "small-time criminal" and feeling as though they can get away with the rather mild libel by claiming to the potential future court judge that such was not intended... "See? It's on a new paragraph and has nothing to do with Mr. Lerma. See, we're just pointing out a well-known statement that small-time criminals often get sent to jail. We didn't say Mr. Lerma was a small-time criminal, nope."

Also note the audacity of page 2: "...spearheads..." And to hell with the thousands of companies and tens of thousands of individuals who have been working on developing rights for the Internet user and Internet company 20 years before the cult hopped into the political arena to try to curb the distribution of the court documentation which evidences the criminal intent of their mad messiah.

Another telling part of this propaganda conspiracy magazine is that no where do they mention alt.religion.scientology or Xenu.NET. The anonymous writers are stuck having to deal in generalities and vague claims to make their points -- for all of the obvious reasons.

Another very telling aspect of this magazine is the use of unnamed and otherwise unidentified sources. On page 5, allegedly written by "Jan Thorpe," we read:

"Netcom... ain't makin' move one to censor anybody," said one copyright thief on the net. "Me and them are like this," he added, stating that he had his fingers crossed.

This fictitious unnamed "copyright thief" (how does one steal a copyright?) was given a Cagny voice and uneducated mode of speech. Thus the Scientology cult seeks to paint their fictitious enemies as a stereotypical white-bread gas-station-line robber.

Another rather ironic twist to this conspiracy rag is another of their fictional, unidentified references which they have saying:

"The internet offers enormous opportunity for the Aryan resistance to disseminate our message," wrote a member of a notorious neo-Nazi group. "It is the only relativly uncensored mass medium which we have available... NOW is the time to grasp the WEAPON which is the INTERNET and wield it skillfully and wisely."

The all-capital lettering is faithfully reproduced by me as it actually appears in this conspiracy magazine.

What's ironic is that the crooks claim in this issue that they're "spearheading cyberspace rights" on page 2 and yet on page 5 they're using a fictitious neo-Nazi "Aryan resistance" fighter as an example of one of the many reasons to limit those very rights.

The unidentifiable and unverifiable claims that this magazine contains is uncountable (there aren't that many integers) and blatant. On page 9 the cult writes about "Robert" who works "in Santa Monica, California." How's _that_ for a testable source?

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