Scientology Crime Syndicate

Thursday 5/18/00

An open letter from Robert Vaughn Young (RVY) to Mike Rinder:

Okay, Mike, so you have passed information from my Tampa depositions to Zwan for that lawsuit and subpoenaed me in that case for two days of deposition as well as my motel and phone records as part of your collateral discovery and proving the link between the suits. Did you guys really think I'd say nothing, that you get to come after me and I just shrug? Do you REALLY know how to know? Wow.

I guess you really don't want me to retire and leave, eh? So I shouldn't decline to talk to any media who want information about BE, JT, DM, ASI, LRH and the like, right? It's up to you, baby. I was there for all of LRH's orders on BE (a lot were written to me) and the RTS (Revolt in the Stars) fiasco and the like.

So I retire and step away you grab me and say, no, no, don't leave!

Okay, Mike, it's your call, sweetheart. DM included, since you take your orders from him. You took me into depo once before in that suit and nothing has changed but being the masters of "knowing how to know" you sure know how to pull it in, don't you? I was stepping away and you want me back.

I love you too.

Your call, baby. Don't blame me, but of course you have to, don't you?



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