Scientology Crime Syndicate

27 May 2000

By Karin Marriott Staff Writer

The accident near the Church of Scientology's film studio that killed a San Jacinto girl last week drew the attention of a frequent church protestor from Palo Alto.

Keith Henson picketed Friday in front of Golden Era Productions near SanJacinto, saying he believes the church did not use proper safety precaustions to prevent the late-niite accident that killed 16year old Ashlee Shaner.

Golden Era Manager Ken Hoden said the church had nothing to do with the accident.

Ashlee was killed May l7 after the car she was driving collided with a tractor on Gilman Sprins Road at the east end of the church's compound. The tractor was driven by an employee of a contractor hired by Golden era to do work at the church's studio . There were no warnings posted to direct trafic around the tractor.

Henson, 57 said he picketed in front of the studio because of "their" blatant disregard for human life and the fact that they'll do a huge job in covering it (the accident) up."

Hoden said the church has been working for years to improve safety on Gilman Springs Road, also called Hwy 79, by installing a median to slow traffic and building pedestrian tunnnels under the road.

The contractor, Redlands-based TaseCo Corp., was doing work for the church but Hoden said church officials do no give contractors direction. "In other words, the accident had nothing to do with Golden era Productions or our employees," Hoden said.

Henson has picketed Church of Scientology sites across the nation, and was the target of a restraining order by Hoden. A judge later ruled Henson could not be blocked from going near the film studio. Henson said he would like to see the church reformed or disbanded.

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