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27 May 2000
Fredric L. Rice
Bill, Emily & Christin <becb@iexalt.net>

At 14:38 2/19/00 -0500, Bill, Emily & Christin wrote:

>Mr. Rice,

>but my real point of concern, is that in all of your messages, >you aquate Christianity with hate (have you not read the Bible?)

I've read many different versions of the Christian mythologies, in fact. There are perhaps 15 versions in my library which I reference from time to time.

There's enough hatred in the Christian mythologies for Christians to justify their behavior. The history of religion in general -- not just Christianity -- is on the whole quite bloody and in any event created to control and demonize others.

It shouldn't be an embarrassment to find that Christianity is no different than any other religion which came before or after it.

>Christ was the Son of God and God himself. A God of Love.

That directly contradicts the Christian mythologies.

> God hates no one

That directly contradicts the Christian mythologies, too. Perhaps you might consider reading your Bible.

> (even though your comments show just how much you hate Christians),

That's rather silly. If you can't address the issues without attempting personal attacks, perhaps you should recondider your motivations for writing to me.

> but he does hate their sin, and will judge them if the do
> not trust him as their saviour.

That contradicts the Christian mythologies, too.

> If you wish to label me as a cultist for believing in the most
> sound, correct document in history (show me one error in the
> King James Bible, whether doctrinally or grammatically)

A cultist is anyone who is a member of a cult. Ergo you're a cultist. As for errors in the Christian mythologies, the fact that there is no evidence for much of the stories shouldn't be a matter of embarrassment to you. Mythology isn't written to be believed, after all. It is only the unfortunate few that worship their mythologies which seek to try to claim they're inerrant.

> then so be it, call me a cultist.

Any follower of a cult is a cultist.

> As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

That would be Lord Mithras. You _do_ know the origins of Christianity, don't you? If you did, you would find that you're worshipping Lord Mithras -- though currently unknowingly.

> Homosexuality is wrong,

There's that Christian hatred again. How ugly.

> abortion is wrong,

That directly contradicts the Christian mythologies.

> murder is wrong,

Unless, of course, Christians demand it's the will of their gods.

> hate is wrong,

Unless, of course, it's Christians like you who use your gods to justify your hatred.

> but Love (Charity) is always right,

Unless, of course, Christians redefine love as a means to justify their inhuman tyranies.

> and God is always right.

Which accounts for the inhuman, bloody history of religions. When people like you make gods who are always right, you manage to justify every inhuman tyranny you and your fellow cultists inflict upon your intellectual and moral superiors.

How hateful of you.

> There is a growing movement to disprove God and the Bible,

Isn't education and science a wonderful thing?

> (been growing for 2000 years)

Actually, the debunking of occult superstitions goes back about 10,000 years or more. The debunking of occult superstitions like gods preceeds the last ice age, in fact, which itself lasted some 10,000 to 100,000 years.

The Christian gods are rather late comers to the available pantheon of gods, goddesses, vampires, warewolves, and what not that science debunks quite nicely.

> and no one has ever done it,

Well, there are always the uneducated, superstitious louts that will cling to their gods to justify their hatreds and bigotries, sure. No amount of reason can motivate such an individual to give up his weapons.

> on the contrary though many through their studies and attempts
> to disprove it have come to believe it because they could
> honestly make no other conclusion.

That's what cultists tell themselves, any way.

> You in your infinite wisdom, may believe that you above all
> other people in the world are so smart as to have figured
> out what millions could not, but instead of trusting in a
> man who makes mistakes, I'll take whats real. Give me Jesus
> or give me Death!!!!!!!!

And in fact it's always the people who create Jesus and the other gods that inflict death and torture upon the intelligent.

Give me reason and life. You may have Jesus and death.

> More Christian people have been martyred for their belief in
> Jesus in the last century than all other 19 combined.

Murdered by fellow Christians who held minor difference of opinion. Bosnia, Lebanon, Ireland... More Christians have been murdered by fellow Christians than any other cult. And more Christians have murdered non-Christians.

> Why is this, because of their hate?? not likely!

Bosnia, Lebanon, Ireland. Christians killing Christians. And Christians killing Muslims. And Christians killing non-believbers in any gods.

Welcome to religion.

> There is proof that Jesus existed,

Yet for some reason nobody has ever managed to find it. Curious, isn't it?

> as well as many other people mentioned in the Bible,

Isn't it strange how cultists who hold such notions nevber manage to provide any such evidence? No doubt it's a "Satanic" conspiracy.

> and to say that Jesus was just a man and not what he claimed
> is proposterous, because if he were simply a good man, he could
> have gotten out of being crucified at any time, by simply
> admitting his lie.

That contradicts the Christian mythologies.

> If he was not who he said he was, then he was the biggest (and
> best) liar ever known to man.

No, there were thousands of gods and goddesses that came before the Jesus godman, and thousands that came after it. The Jesus godman isn't any different than any of the others that came before and after it. The only reason the Jesus cult survived was because the followers of the cult were the most bloody and murderous of the lot, killing all opposition with more glee and abandon than the others.

Christianity only survived because it murdered the opposition.

You would know that if you were allowed to learn the history of the Christian cult.

> (Imagine dieing to prove a lie and for what if he wasn't going to heaven).

Lord Mithras did that centuries before the Christian Jesus mythos did. You would know that, too, if you were allowed to learn the origins of the Christian cult.

> However, if he was who he claimed to be,
> then every bit of the Bible is complete,
> accurate and perfect and tells us of the
> story of a wonderful saviour who Loved us
> so much that he died for us.

That's rather silly illogic. Because Steven King was who he claimed to be, does that make vampires real? Does that mean that Tommyknockers are waiting underground in a sflying saucer ready to take over the world?

Because Homer wrote the Iliad and Homer was who he said he was, does that make Apollo real? Does that make Mons Olympus real?

As you can see, your illogical notions are easilly debunked.

> Are you willing to die for anyone Mr. Rice?

And in fact the Christian cult has been more than willing to murder non-believers to try to justify their unsavory notions. More people ahve died because of Christian beliefs than have died _for_ Christian beliefs.

>Because of his work on Calvary!
>Bill Brannon

You need to research the origins of the Christian mythologies. To do otherwise threatens the possibility of further embarrassments.

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