Scientology Crime Syndicate

27 May 2000
Fredric L. Rice

At 23:53 1/4/80 -0800, kevin teen wrote:

>Hello Mr. Rice, My name is kevin an anti-homosexual christian man. I >have been looking at your web site: Anti-gay ministries are a fraud that >promote homophobia and self-hatred. Well I am not a homo, but I don't >understand why anyone would want to waste there time spreading >homophobia. It seems to me that the only reason you put up this web site >is because you, like other homos, lie about the fact that homosexuality >is an abomination. You probably want them to burn in hell like you also. >And I am sure that you never tell them that God can deliver them of >their sins. God loves you, kteen@bellsouth.net

Thank you for your note of Christian love, Kevin. Your note exhibited the warmth, love, and understanding of Christianity today and I feel compelled to share your well-wish among others who may benefit from your insights.

You don't mind, I'm sure.

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