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27 May 2000
Fredric L. Rice

At 15:02 1/4/80 -0800, kevin teen wrote:

>Hello again Mr. Rice, Homophobic christian bigot. Well, I thought you
>could do better than that. I figured you would say something like that.
>I bet Jesus was called worse names. Jesus was willing to take public
>scorn for the truth (Matthew 27:40-41). He even offended people if
>necessary (Matthew 15:12)and even would die for what He believed in.
>Jesus would not tolerate sinners. He was a radical and an extremist to
>many people. People hated Him because He told the truth (Galatians
>4:16). Part of that truth is that homosexuality is an abomination and
>all homosexuals will recieve the death penalty (Leviticus 18:22, 20:13).
>I know you must be thinking that this man is filled with nothing but
>hate and intolerance. Well that is because an unrepentant person cannot
>handle the truth. You must repent first and then you will be set free of
>your homosexuality and will then understand the truth. God Bless,

Do you feel that anyone who advocates equal rights for homosexuals must themselves be homosexual? And if so, do you also feel that anyone who advocates equal rights for blacks must also be a Negro?

Help me out here, please. I'm trying to understand Christian logic when it's tainted by hatred and bigotry.


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