Scientology Crime Syndicate

05 Jun 2000

zeratulcat <zeratul.cat@home.com>

For those who were at the Picket on Saturday June 3rd, the new person holding up a sign was me (Zeratul^Cat).

Caught up with Greg and the rest of the group at Starbucks, before moving off to get the signs from Greg's car.

The morning crew was; Kaeli, Slippery Jim, Mike Argue, Alan Barclay, Ron Sharp, Greg Hagglund, ZeratulCat.

Got the signs and went to the Co$ location on Younge St in Toronto.

Besides Dan walking around with a clip board, trying to show some of the group personal information of Greg's, which was being used like a politician would to discredit Greg, and Co$ continually video taping Greg, even when he crossed the street to make a phone call (They must have been trying to get the phone number he was calling) and Mr. Hill trying to talk to me and find out what my problem with 'his church is', not much happened in the morning.

Unfortunately, I was not able to stay for the afternoon due to previous engagements, and the fact I am relocating to Toronto, and had to get my new residence set up.

When it came to Dan and the clip board, Dan reminds me of a person who is running for political office. And with me working for the government, makes me think that Co$ is more out to take over everything, like Politicians, and help people in ways " They" think is best, like Politicians. Also as Kaeli said " church would dispose anyone who are mentally ill without sorrow or mercy." This sounds like what a German party in the 1930's called the Nazi Party did to the Jews. Also, with the Co$ not being open and truthful to their new members, they sound like the Nazi Party of the early 1930's, and like dorsai666 said earlier "Scientology IS to help the able, become more able.", This again sounds like the Nazi Party of the early 1930's. And with my family Originally coming from a European country that was overrun in the late 30's by the German Nazi's, I look at Co$ as another Nazi group in disguise. This is my problem with Co$. I am not going to sit ideally by and allow it to happen again



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