Scientology Crime Syndicate

05 Jun 2000

Kaeli <kaeli@klis.com>

Time: 9:45 AM

Participants: Gregg Hagglund, Android-Cat, Mike Argue, Slippery Jim, Alan Barclay, Ron Sharp, zeratul.cat, and Kaeli (myself)

We met at the Starbucks one block north of the Org. This time, we had buttons which had the SP levels from 2-9. I was given an SP 3 button and a www.xenu.net button.

After 15 minutes we went to retrieve the flyers and signs, and went to the Org.

Within a few minutes after picketing the Scientologists were around us. Dan (alias Dirty Dan, henceforth thought by me as the trash talker (thanks zeratul.cat!) approached me and began showing me Gregg's supposed past bad history, all his bankruptcies, etc, etc. I ignored him as much as I could and continued passing out flyers.

The morning was quiet (10 AM to 12PM) for the most part. I called Gregg over to help a person who had no internet access to access the critical CoS information. He told the gentleman to go to the public library and look up "A Piece of Blue Sky" by Jon Atack.

At one point in the morning, a man named Andy Hill approached me. My first instinctive reaction is to back up. He started off with "Don't be afraid of me, I'm not going to bite.." etc, etc, and asked me who my handle was. I called Android Cat over and asked, "Who is that?" in French then switched to English. He confirmed that Andy Hill was who he said he was, then said, "Do your research, you don't even know who I was for two years." I told him finally if he really wanted to find out my nick, to look at addresses ending in "klis.com", an ISP located in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

Andy Hill left me alone after that and began to follow zeratul.cat around Zeratul.cat ignored him as he was carrying a sign. He later told me Andy was asking him questions like, "who are you, what you have against my church, etc, etc".

At 12pm I left because I had some business to tend to.

I'll be back June 24th for a full day, as my business will be finished by then.


"Those who seek to deny you information deems themselves your master in their own minds."


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