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08 Jun 2000

jimdbb@aol.com (JimDBB

Parts 4,5& 6 of my interview have been put up on XenuTV. In these 3 sections I discuss my experience with CAN (Cult Awareness Network) as a CAN staff member. In viewing this now I realize that there are gaps and holes in my discussion of what happened to CAN and a viewer may end up confused. I apologize for this and let me say that I was recovering from illness when this part of these interviews took place. Also I want you to realize this...many heavy things happened to CAN within a small window of time and trying to articulate what all happened in a coherent way is very difficult. The Los Angeles NewTimes did a superb job in their CAN article in dissecting what happened to CAN. However the NewTimes didn't know about the CAN spy and so this is missing from their excellent account.

Within my discussion of the CAN spy Laura, I call her by the name that we knew her by, Laura ..... because this was the name that we knew her by at CAN. I am not repeating the last name here because the real Laura from whom this name and personal history was stolen has been devasted by this appalling crime.

When Bob MInton revealed through this newsgroup that an investigation had discovered that Laura..., the Trusted CAN Volunteer was a spy for Scientology, we at CAN and other anti-cult people who knew her were devastated. We denied it and protested but as more information came forth we had to face up to the bitter truth of this perfidy. This Trusted CAN Volunteer had for several years been passing private internal CAN information to Scientologist attorney Kendrick Moxon via two agents, Karlos Munoz and David Lee, through two cell phones. She was also believed to be passing CAN information through Chicago scientologists Greg Bashaw, Ian Mann, Mary Anne Ahmad, Carla Nelson and probably Randy Kretchmar, Andrew Bagley and a Minnesota scientologist, Jean Hornnes. Nelson and Ahmad are on staff at the Chicago Org and Kretchmar is believed to be an OSA agent. He was named in the Scarff Declaration as an accomplice in the Cynthia Kisser murder plot. Hornnes is now the Vice-President and Bagley is the executive Director of the 'New' CAN.

Subsequently, a superb bit of internet sleuthing by Keith Henson, Karen Spaink, Carol Giambalvo, Milwaukee SP and others revealed that the CAN spy's real name was Jolie Steckart and that she was an actress. They found pictures of her in a college play and I identified her. Contact was eventually made with the real Laura... Further sleuthing revealed that Jolie Steckart was recruited by Carla Nelson and Peter Arena, two Chicago Scientologists. Nelson and Arena had known the real Laura...outside of scientology and they took her name and personal history and setup up Jolie Steckart as Laura...., a cult survivor. Peter Arena took Steckart to a CAN Conference and to the home of a close CAN supporter. Steckart who now had become Laura....was introduced as a traumatized cult survivor. Jolie/Laura did such a convincing job portraying the cult victim that CAN people took her under their wing and eventually into their confidence. She was allowed to work in the CAN office and soon became a Trusted CAN Volunteer. She claimed that she didn't need money as she had a family trust fund. To some people she claimed that she had a rich mafia uncle

Over a period of seveal years Laura/Jolie worked 3-5 days a week right in the CAN office and stole internal CAN information and passed it on to Scientologist Lawyer Kendrick Moxon and the Office of Special Affiars (OSA). This information was used in the Church of Scientology's extensive plot to destroy CAN. Moxon set up the bogus Jason Scott case which Scientology financed and which forced CAN into bankruptcy. Even after CAN was forced to close, Laura/Jolie was feeding CAN information regarding the CAN Confidential Files to Moxon and and agent for Scientology was able to seize the CAN Files. The details of all of this are in the NewTimes CAN article.

When Laura/Jolie was finally outed she quickly vanished. She has not been heard from since. Several people have claimed to have seen her and to have known her. One claims that she is a disaffected scientologist. At this point it is not known whether Steckart was/is a scientologist or an actress recruited for this job. The real Laura has been harassed by a number of people trying to contact her apparently thinking that she is the CAN spy. Her whole family has been adversely affected by all of this negative attention as their family name is quite rare. Peter Arena and Carla Nelson were married but split up and Peter arena has disappeared. If anybody knows him or if he sees this, we would like to talk with him. It would be to his advantage to come forward. To any scientologist involved with this it will be to their advantage to come forward. The real Laura wants to sue a number of people and the Church of Scientology for what happened to her but she does not have the funds to pursue this.

So, to those who have asked me to write and speak of the CAN spy I hope that this will make some of this understandable. Jolie Steckart is known to speak fluent German and French and is believed by some to have worked in those countries as a scientology operative.

If anyone has questions on anything in my interviews, please feel free to contact me by email or phone. And if anyone has any information on scientology's harassment of CAN and the CAN spy, Jolie Steckart. Please contact me.

My phone is 847-205-1134

Jim Beebe


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