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11 Jun 2000

bk-pettycrew@home.com (Bruce Pettycrew)

Kathy and I arrived at Gold at 10:00 AM and parked about a block away from the "castle" soundstage building, one of the ugliest architectural monstrosities I have ever seen. The Co$ has no sense of grace or esthetic appeal in any of their buildings (or their graphic productions for that matter). Their esthetics seem to be stuck permanently in the 1950's. Aren't they supposed to be able to handle that type of time track problem (snicker)?

The weather, on the other hand, was beautiful- clear, temperature in the low 80's and a light breeze.

We called Ida, a local critic, to check in and tell her that we would be on picket while waiting for TalonK (Justin) to arrive.

We unpacked our signs, video camera, water, etc., and proceeded up the hill towards the Golden Era Studios gate. I had my jumbo sign with the "$cientology Lies" and $cientology Hurts People" messages, while Kathy used one displaying "Hubbard was a Fraud" and "Just Another UFO Cult" .

As we approached, a work group of four or five probable RPFers quickly scattered and disappeared behind one of the many iron gates that blocked all the driveway entrances into the compound. The group was working on a stone fence with an electric wire running across the top. They had been mixing concrete in two wheelbarrows, and left one of them full of wet mix that hardened into a solid mass while we picketed- UNBELIEVABLE! One of them even left her purse behind. Obviously the power of critics' entheta and enturbulation is far superior to any OT level the cult can produce.

We continued up the road past the chapel, another grotesque building that seemed to be the result of a New England church spire screwing a Russian Orthodox cathedral. A woman took our pictures from behind one of the windows as we approached, but disappeared as soon as I waved at her. I tried waving at trees, rocks, and several other inanimate objects in the vacinity but it seems that my magic only worked on $cientology members.

As we passed the guard house at the Golden Era Studios entrance, we were treated to the sight of 5 or 6 brown-shirted guards squeezed into the tiny post, with more arriving on the ubiquitous blue-painted motor scooters that they used to get around the compound.

About this time we received a call from Justin, who told us that he would be arriving in 30 minutes or so. We made another circuit of the buildings, and passed the spot where the teenage girl was killed in a traffic accident with front-loader working on the site. Then we returned to our car to have a soft drink and await Justin.

Justin brought a portable radio scanner with him, and a list of the frequencies that were registered to Golden Era. He was able to intercept some of their conversations, but since we were under constant surreptitous serveillance, we soon heard the message "All personnel with radios, stop transmitting!" Another example of the awsome power of critics at cause.

We continued picketing until about 1:30. Ida and a friend drove by and brought us some cool drinks. The traffic driving through was supportive. We received about 20 positive responses versus 4 negative ones. Two cars stopped to talk to us and we gave them leaflets about Xenu and Lisa MacPherson.

I will post pictures later.

Bruce Pettycrew


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