Scientology Crime Syndicate

11 Jun 2000

Anonymous Sender <nobody@noisebox.dhs.org> wrote:

>Cult of Scientology is back at it again, I see.

>What a religion! Flooding a newsgroup with garbage to drown
>out dissident opinion. Although I do suppose that usenet abuse
>and forgery is probably the mildest of their many crimes.

>And to think, they call themselves the most ethical beings on
>the planet.

The cult's own definition of "ethics," though, is:

Ethics is a first dynamic action. All ethics really does is hold the lines firm so that you can route and audit. All ethics is for in actual fact is simply that additional tool necessary to make is possible to get technology in. That's the whole purpose of ethics; to get technology in.

So when the cult's ringleaders or followers claim to be "ethical," they mean they're working to increase the cult's revenues. Anything that does not make money for the crooks is "out ethics."

Since the information disseminated on alt.religion.scientology and the pickets and protests adversely impact the cult's revenues, trying to flood this newsgroup to the point where that effort is reduced, the cultists want to think, shores up their ringleaders' revenues.

The crooks still haven;'t learned their lesson from the RMGROUP by the 'Ho and the various raids and lawsuits against the good guys who _really_ have the "wog ethics" that the rest of the world subscribes to.


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