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Subject: Trivia question!
Date: 04/06/2000
Author: Podkayne1 <podkayne1@aol.com>

fr> Who was it that coined the term "rectal overpressure?"
fr> I'll give you a hint: It wasn't SCAMIZDAT. }:-}

> Was it used in conjunction with "origami butt plug"?

I just found the reference. I didn't need to contemplate at any length the proper first aid one would need to apply knowing in advance that the poor individual experiencing the uncontrolled rectal bleeding is a Scientology cult lawyer. The ARSCC (wdne) Medical Manual gives the proper proceedure:

Titled: Lawyer, rectal bleeding (See also: 'Ho, S127A42P3)

When observing a Scientology lawyer rectally blowing a gasket due to prolonged exposure to SPs soliciting evidence of the cult's criminal activities, "take [her] demand, fold it until it's all corners, and put it somewhere the sun don't shine."

Auditors may notice a slight bit of difficulty inserting the remedy so one must perform the appropriate rundown:

a) Place the Origami just so

b) Back off a step or two

c) Draw your right foot back as far as it will go

d) Swing your right foot forward with great vigor, taking care to impart maximum momentum to the affected area, lodging the cure appropriately (and tightly)

e) Cherubs come out

f) Apply touch assist as necessary

There's an author listed for this ASRCC (wdne) MM entry but I can't read it. It appears to have been written by someone laughing uncontrolably at the time.


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