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18 Jun 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom3.netcom.com>

It was a *five* org sort of day. (But two of them were closed.)

Last week at the San Jose org on Rosemary, the bulk of the people who came there Sunday morning came after ten am. I had other things going which made me a little late, 10:25. At 10:30 there were 31 cars in the lot, at 11:10 there were 44, which puts them one up from last weekend but down from two weekends ago.

It was a dull picket. Blue shirt came out several times and walked up as if he were going to speak, but he did not. Incidentally if anyone wants to put a name on him, his car license is 2NCS396. I saw red head John going off to body route as I got there, but I guess they called him back because body routing right by a picketer would be stupid even for scientologists. Someone gave him a ride about 100 feet from the org because I was nearby.

After an hour, I hit the San Jose mission for about ten minutes. There was one couple who saw my sign, and had no idea of what www.xenu.net might mean. They didn't have a computer and had never been on the net. It occurs to me that scn is reduced to obtaining raw meat and keeping members from the computer illiterate.

The new dianetics center on Middlefield Road was closed, so they only got a token picket. I would appreciate any local readers of a.r.s who go by there to look and report what hours they are active. The old Mt. View org was more active. There were half a dozen outside, and they were all treated to my picket signs. I could see them reading the signs, i.e., moving their lips. <grin

On the way home I put in another token picket at the Palo Alto mission. They too were closed up, though the sign did say there was an 11 am service.

All in all, not very exciting, and my observation that these are all people who have been in a considerable time was reinforced.

Keith Henson


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