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21 Jun 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom3.netcom.com>

For some reason my report of last night failed to post.

What with getting away late and running into a number of delays, it was dark when I got to the cults base at Hemet. I gave them a short picket anyway--felt obligated, according to people who have been watching, they have been in a heads down mode since Sat.

Today I got out there at 8 am. They are more active than they were last time I was here, the construction people are working, but away from where they can see the road. The main plaza and underpass is still deserted.

About 1 in 200 cars stops to talk. Of them (from this morning to two pm when I took a break) three cars had people who knew Ashlee Shaner. One was an American Indian who told a tale related by his sister. About a year and a half ago, she was driving through and noticed this guy being chased. She called 911 and watched as he was beaten into submission. Before the Highway Patrol could get there, she was run off by threats from the guards. Later she checked up and found that no incident report had been made at all.

One guy knew Gilman Springs before Hubbard bought it and hated the cult for turning from a fun place into (as Grady once put it) a Nazi theme park. To be honest, they have trimmed back some of the worst barb wire tangles.

The rest were just curious about why the cult was being picketed. One bunch promised to put in a few hours tomorrow.

One utterly weird thing happened. Between the ship and the road is a grove of tall trees. There might be an aveary (spelling wrong, no dictionary handy) in there, or it might just be wild birds. There was a parrot or something related chattering away, making wolf whistles, hello and such. As I am passing by, he screechs XENU. Completely boggled I stopped and he did it again. I stayed there another 10-15 minutes, but heard no parrot noises after that.

I really wonder who was the SP who taught the parrot to say Xenu?

Heading back for more picket.

Keith Henson


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