Scientology Crime Syndicate

23 Jun 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom3.netcom.com>

Day four, first part to 2 pm.

Due to other entheta activities, I was not out there till about 8:20 or so.

A big change today from yesterday. Something like one in six of them are now looking frankly at my sign. The side I show to them is either the "Doubting is not a crime" and the LMT phone, or Arnie's NO OT's, or "Are you implanted with dead space aliens?" They still don't wave, but that would be too much considering all the video cameras.

Not long after I set up over the east underpass, a group, mostly women, perhaps Estates project force, were herded past the east under pass and into one of the unfinished building. Man, when that place get's abandoned, those building are going to be worthless if they don't have kitchens (which they most likely don't).

(I can't help but wonder if gold base will be turned into an exhibit like the historical Shaker places.)

I can't make up my mind if the abandoned look of the buildings under construction is just normal scientology practice or if it has something to do with me being there. I have a bunch of photos which show the unfinished roof. Today there were two guy working on the roof, but that is the first I have seen.

(*) seems to have in mind an attack from the road and is raising a massive berm of dirt between his castle and the road. In typical scientology construction mode, they have *one* truck moving dirt, about three trips an hour. Of course, this results in massive under use of the machines to dig the dirt and spread it out.

They are now using the west underpass slightly, possibly when I am on the east underpass. The disruption in traffic from one side of the highway to the other must be killing their stats.

They must have Friday dress down because there seem to be far fewer guys with ties today.

They complained to the Highway Patrol again today. So when the officer came out (disgusted at them) he got a handful of Xenu flyers, and I got his name and his partner's name, officers Luebs and Dopp. They are quite aware of the Lisa McPherson travesty. Good guys, very professional, gave me good advice about picketing that location which I will pass on to anyone who want to take a day or two out there.

Speaking of video cameras . . . I have pictures of all I have spotted. Soon as I get the film developed/scanned, will post them. There may be a bunch of them which cannot be seen from the road, but the count of them from the road, five, is way under the number Jeff and Co. spotted in CW.

Incidentally, I talked to a random groups of guys. Offered to give them a Xenu flyer and it turned out one of the was on the net and had printed off a copy long time ago, so they were all up on it.

Few cars stopped and got a flyer. Part of the reason I am picketing over the east underpass is that there is room for cars to pull out of traffic there.

Sorry this is kind of disorganized. If I did more/better reporting, I would be doing less picketing. There is much other stuff going on here which it would not be entirely prudent to report yet.

Keith Henson


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