Scientology Crime Syndicate

24 Jun 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom3.netcom.com>

Continuation day 4, afternoon. Got back little after 4 pm stayed till 6:30. You can tell when they are demoralized when they don't even track you with the cameras.

Traffic on both underpasses was low. They were running cars and vans across the highway so as to avoid the staff from seeing me. But at least a hundred of them have looked directly at one or the other of my picket signs (though only 2 have made any motion toward waving back).

I spent more time late today listening to the birds. I must say the parrot does a fair job on imitating a crow. If any of you are out at gold base and want to hear the parrot say Xenu, the sequence is that he does two wolf whistles, a variable bunch of squawks and then (sometimes) says Xenu! I am going to bring a tape recorder next time. Advice from bird watchers would be welcome.

Those who are coming out, bring a hat *and a spray bottle*. No point in sweating, easier just to spray water on yourself. Also, hold the sign so you can stay in the shade cast by the sign. Walk safely, if walking safely requires walking over the no trespassing blocks of cement, just do it, they can't hassle you to walk unsafely.

Wave people who want to chat beyond the curb area so they can park off the road. Bring flyers, if they stop you can shove a flyer in and tell them to move to a safe area. If you have multiple people, cover both underpasses.

Sat. is covered, though more can come if they want, I think Sunday is also. There is a place to stay if it is not already taken.

I wish I had more feedback from inside. What indirect information I get, such as them picketing my house, indicates they are at wits end over this business. After all, what can OTs say to someone who ask what this "implanted with dead space aliens" is about?

For those who are cleared, the state indication material I mentioned is in the usual place on umbra-xenu.

I don't know yet if they were picketing my home today.

Back at it in the morning.

Keith Henson


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