Scientology Crime Syndicate

24 Jun 2000

bk-pettycrew@home.com (Bruce Pettycrew)

Kathy and I met Greg and Marty for a picket today from 9 to 10 AM. Since there were only 5 adults and 1 child at the mi$$ion in Mesa, the SPs almost outnumbered the perishioners. <---(spelling is correct).

It was humid, with temperature in the 90's during the picket, since the "monsoon" season started in the Valley of the Sun this week.

Greg and Marty were picketing for the first time ever. They became interested in the struggle against the criminal cult because of the continuing attempts by the cult to block discussion on ARS, especially the "cramming" (crap+spam) of Magoo et al. Way to pull it in guys! Shoot some more bullets into your feet why don't you?

With the extra signs, traffic was more appreciative than ever, with lots of thumbs-up and honks.

Our two newest SP2s will hopefully be around to witness the actual end of the cult presence in Arizona, as the sign I loaned to Marty puts it in smaller and smaller letters:

\ | / $cientology is sh r i n k i n g . . . - poof - / | \


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