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10. Every time he sees a body, he says "At least he's safe from the psychs now."

9. Whenever he goes to pick up a body from the hospital, he insists on driving past three other hospitals first.

8. Insists he uses only "100% standard tech."

7. Asks you to "disconnect" from the district attorney.

6. A body is brought in in eight pieces in various cardboard boxes. Cause of death: staph infection.

5. Always calling "Clean Gene" on his lunch break.

4. Disposes of medical waste quietly and without sorrow.

3. When he sees you photocopying his paperwork for a court hearing, he threatens to sue you for copyright infringement.

2. When you question one of his lab tests he calls you a "Liar. . .liar. . .liar. . .liar. . .hateful liar."

And the top sign your Assistant Medical Examiner is a Scientologist

1. Cause of death on every autopsy for three months straight--PROZAC!



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