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25 Jun 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom3.netcom.com>

Sat was the best yet--though not quite up to the tough standard Bruce Pettycrew set when he had the wall builders run off and abandon a wheelbarrow full of wet cement. (Incidentally, I think the wheelbarrow is still there--Bruce, was it was on the east end of the complex, first gate on the same side as the memorial to Ashlee?)

Anyway . . . I got out there a few minutes after 7 am, parked over the east underpass and walked several circuits from there to the west end of the complex and back. First time down I saw people on the plaza at the west underpass. They saw me, one guy pointed, and they all turned around and quickly scooted inside. (What are such orders doing to their moral?) I don't remember if it was on that circuit or a later one, but to keep low level staffers from seeing me and my signs, they are taking them across the highway in shuttles at the main gate and on the western end of the complex, where there are gates on both sides of the highway. I walked out from behind the wall, and there at the gate was a shuttle. So I snapped a picture and let go of my camera (which was on a string around my neck). I then had to grab it again because the van backed up fast, turned around and drove off. Talk about being at cause!

There is now traffic through both the west and east underpasses, but I suspect it is mostly high level OTs.

The second time I started out from the east underpass, I suddenly realized there were more bushes than I remembered on the south side of the road over the underpass. Sure enough, some poor scn work crew had been up far into the night planting the largest bushes they could buy from some garden supply place. The tags were still on some of them. They ' also installed a bunch of green fabric so it is harder for the gold base staff to see out on the road.

The large dump truck they had working on Miscavige's molehill was being used for something else Sat morning. So they had a little dump truck running back and forth piling up more dirt.

About 9:30 Fred Rice, his family and David Rice showed up, their van sporting a spiffy XENUNET license place. When they parked ahead of my car and got out, several people came out on a balcony of Miscavige's massive mansion. I got a photo of them, we might be able to identify (*) himself from the photo. You could feel the dismay emanating from them. The whole lot of us (7) with three picket signs then walked through gold base to the Ashlee memorial on the west end and back to the cars. I transferred signs, water spray bottle and sun block to them and they went off into town to visit Ida. I will leave it to them to report further, but I *know* they had adventures.

When I got back, I had no fewer than 5 counter picketers and one dude taping them. I got photos of them if we want to bother. The neighbors are very supportive, with the result that operation footbullet is in high gear.

I have over three rolls of film to develop and scan.

Will try to get them done soon. If there are local SPs who are not too busy, and have a scanner, let me know

Keith Henson


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