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26 Jun 2000

ethercat <ethercat@arscc-atl.com>

Well, folks, you don't have to picket to spread entheta, and the best thing about spreading entheta without picketing is that the local scientologists don't know anything about it till it's too late for them to do anything about it or find out who did it (unless you come here to brag about it <g).

The Atlanta Gay Pride Celebration took place this weekend in Piedmont Park. The political theme was ending discrimination, so we took the opportunity to distribute some flyers, and let the more political-minded attendees find out what sort of discrimination Hubbard had in mind, and passed on to his followers in his vast assortment of (ahem) literature.

There was little effort on our part; we just picked a prominent location, made sure we had the owner's permission (and even blessings), and left a box of Flyer Paks for anyone who wanted to pick one up. Each Flyer Pak consisted of our rainbow assortment of 5 flyers, topped with our lavender "Gay Rights and Scientology" flyers. About 2/3 of what we put out were taken, and we are positive they will be read, since people made a small effort to take them. Meanwhile, we just went on about our weekend, enjoying being "at cause" and "in control of MEST", knowing we were spreading entheta effortlessly, like true SP-OTs.

Leaflets here:

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