Scientology Crime Syndicate

Virginia McClaughry

27 Jun 2000

Ok, here is the COFSFSO's response-pretty entertaining :)


Flag letterhead

May 25,2000

Dear Mrs. McClaughry,

I am in receipt of your letter of May 9, 2000 and am authorized to respond to your request for return of donations you made to the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization (CSFSO). I cannot assist you in your demands regarding the International Association of Scientologists; you should contact them directly.

As far as your donations to the CSFSO are concerned, there is no basis in Church policy for your demand of refund. As you have asserted in your letter, you are well aware of Church policy on this subject, and have signed enrollment forms which clearly state that you will abide by the policies of the Claims Verification Board in seeking any return of donations. Those forms specifically confirmed that you "understand, acknowledge and agree that the Church is under no duty whatsoever to return any portion of any religious donation received from me." In the event of any dispute, you pledged to apply Church policy and submit any such dispute to Binding Religious Arbitration in accordance with the published arbitration procedures of the Church. And you forever waived the right to pursue any dispute with the Church in any court of law.

I have attached a copy of your current statement of account, which does show a balance of $1009.23.

As for the openly expressed threats in your letter, the allegations you make are fabrications, and I have passed your letter on to counsel. As I am sure you are aware, your letter is a virtual carbon copy of one from Greg and Debra Barnes. Counsel has advised on the relevant law concerning such threats and the wilfull misrepresentations underlying them. I am now seeking further advice on whether influencing others to engage in such conduct is seperately actionable.

Your false claims of loyalty to the original teachings of L. Ron Hubbard are belied by your association with Robert Minton, the man who advocated burning the Founder in effigy on L. Ron Hubbard Way. You have chosen to abandon the gift LRH provided to mankind and associate with those who publicly and repeatedly defile his name. This is your choice. But to claim loyalty to his legacy is beyond disingenuous.

Your only hope at this point is steps A-E of HCOPL 23 December 1965RB, SUPPRESSIVE ACTS, SUPPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY AND SCIENTOLOGISTS. I suggest you read and apply policy.

Please confirm that the repayment figure above matches your own records. Should you then inform me that you still wish to proceed and request the repayment, I will then process a check and we can arrange to exchange a signed release and waiver for the repayment.



Glen Stilo
503 Clevleand Street
Clearwater, Florida 33755


Isn't that OSA's address guys? :)

My response


June 8, 2000

Glen Stilo
Office of Special Affairs
Church of Scientology
503 Cleveland Street
Clearwater, Florida

Dear Mr. Stilo,

I am in receipt of your letter dated May 25, 2000.

Acknowledged re: IAS, I have contacted them directly.

In regards to these “forms” that I have signed, I am sure you must have copies of these forms with my signature on them. Send complete copies to the same address as your last letter.

As you already have conferred with counsel, I am sure you are aware of the fact that noone can be bound by an agreement to “forever waive their rights......”,especially in situations where fraud or misrepresentation were a factor, even if not discovered until a later date.

Regarding Greg and Debra Barnes letter; any similarities in our letters I am sure are due to the fact that we were all treated similarly by the Church, in violation of the laws of the land, as well as the religious teachings and technology of LRH.

You should definitely seek advice from counsel, however it should be concerning whether it is wise or not to bring this issue (C/S Series 73RA or RB) to view, especially in light of recent testimony for the Church, in the Minton trial. Specifically the portion of the testimony where it was admitted that no policies can be changed after LRH died.

I have proof that they have.

Trying to intimidate me with false accusations of “willfull misrepresentations”, when as far as I am concerned the Church of Scientology FSO is willfully misrepresenting non-LRH services and materials as pure LRH, is disingenuous to an extreme.

In regards to my account;

1. You sent an incomplete statement, I would like a full statement all the way back to December 1989.

2. I would of course like my unused funds repaid. However I will sign nothing, as there is no “waiver” needed for unused monies.

Regarding the full refund of misrepresented services, My demand stands.

I expect a check for the full amount of my donations to the Church of Scientology FSO, within 2 weeks of receipt of this letter.

The appropriate governmental agencies are being apprised of these events, as well as other concerned public agencies and individuals.


Virginia McClaughry
3407 W. Summerfield Rd.
Post Falls, Idaho

cc: Lisa Mcpherson Trust
cc: Dan Liepold attorney at law
cc: IRS Assistant Commissioner Employee Plans and Exempt Organizations
cc: United States Justice Department
cc: ACLU
cc: Lowell Bergmann Investigative Reporter


Are we having fun yet?




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