Kristi Wachter letter to the SP Times on Scientlogy frame up of Prince

[NOTE: Mr. Jessie Prince was at one time the second in command of the Scientology company. After Prince fled the cult he pretty much went on with his life until many years later he discovered there was a large movement working to expose the organization as a criminal cult. Mr. Prince then came out of obscurity and started telling everyone all he knew about the cult that he himself helped build while working for L. Ron Hubbard. There is no little irony in the fact that Scientology's notoriously mental Mike Rinder comments about murders in Florida needing to be attended to. He and his fellow criminals held Lisa McPherson against her will and starved her to death over the course of 17 days. That trial is still yet to take place]

23 May 2001

Kristi Wachter <humanrights@racerrecords.com>

The SP Times hasn't yet run the letter I sent them a few days ago, so I figured I'd post it here instead.


Your article about Scientology's PIs trailing Jesse Prince ("Church critic trailed, arrested") raises some important questions:

Is hiring private investigators to trail an individual "virtually every day for at least four months" an appropriate use of tax-exempt money?

Given Prince's status as a witness in the Lisa McPherson case, does it constitute tampering with or intimidating a witness?

The story reveals that the Prince drug case involves Scientology, an organization that previously framed critics for crimes they didn't commit, including the former mayor of Clearwater. Does this discredit the key witnesses (the paid PIs) in the drug trial?

Finally, is a trial over a single marijuana plant (that may have been planted on Prince's porch by others), a trial which results from Scientology's invasive and deceptive investigation into the life of a private individual, a good use of the taxpayer's money?

Kristi Wachter
San Francisco, CA

-- Kristi Wachter
the activist formerly known as "Jour" (before $cientology outed me)

If I am not who you say I am, then you are not who you think you are. - James Baldwin

I think $cientology is hurting people and breaking the law, and I want them to stop it. See http://www.scientology-lies.com for more.


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