The definitive Jesse Prince trial update-Day 1 -- Scientology frame up

[NOTE: Mr. Jessie Prince was at one time the second in command of the Scientology company. After Prince fled the cult he pretty much went on with his life until many years later he discovered there was a large movement working to expose the organization as a criminal cult. Mr. Prince then came out of obscurity and started telling everyone all he knew about the cult that he himself helped build while working for L. Ron Hubbard. There is no little irony in the fact that Scientology's notoriously mental Mike Rinder comments about murders in Florida needing to be attended to. He and his fellow criminals held Lisa McPherson against her will and starved her to death over the course of 17 days. That trial is still yet to take place]

24 May 2001


The case went extremely well today from my perspective.

The prosecution called Sgt. Crosby of Largo PD as their main witness. They also called a substance expert and another police officer who participated in the SWAT team raid on Jesse's house and carried away the small marijuana plant.

None of the 3 Scientology hired PI's were called as prosecution witnesses because they were too sleazy IMHO.

However, Denis deVlaming called them all as defense witnesses. Gaston aka CI-273 aka Rinzy Trinidad plead the 5th Amendment 12-15 times due to the criminal behavior that Sgt. Crosby of the Largo Police Dept acknowledged under cross examination by deVlaming. Kobrin and Johnson gave pre-arranged hand signals as to when Gaston should plead the 5th or plead work-product privilege. This signaling was done in full sight of the Jury. Gaston lied extensively. The possibility of criminal prosecution against Gaston is very high.

Raftery's attorneys, Johnson and Helena Kobrin swore under oath at a bench conference that a death threat was made against Raftery and they wanted the court TV feed shut off and no pictures taken of Raftery by the press in the courtroom. The Judge agreed. Rafterty testified and came off as the sleaziest human being I have ever seen. He also came across as the most racist man I have seen since watching old footage of Bull Connor on TV in Montgomery Alabama back in the 60's.

Fabrizio, the 3rd PI was a non-entity.

The denouement will come tomorrow afternoon when the jury will decide if Jesse's guilt or innocence on the single misdeameanor charge of possesion of marijuana.

There are mixed feelings among observers as to what will happen when the Jury deliberates, but I feel that genuine justice will prevail in Clearwater on Thursday, May 24, 2001.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

Bob Minton


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