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23 May 2001

tfcvp@aol.com (TFC VP)

I've received many emails with questions about our film, THE PROFIT, so I'll try to update here:

On Monday night, the French TV network TV3 ran a really interesting news piece on its nationwide news program on our full length feature film, THE PROFIT. They showed clips from the film, an interview with Peter Alexander, the Director, and myself. They also showed clips from an ABC news piece that covered Mary DeMoss and her gang of FaRTs following the film crew during shooting. It also showed the many PI's that were following the film shoot and its crew (many of these pictures have been posted to the net).

They interviewed the hotel concierge who handed the shipment of trailers over to the "fake Peter" and also showed some nice footage of Peter and I moving around the Cannes Film Festival.

THE PROFIT had its world premiere screening during the Cannes Film Fest in Le Palais on Friday, May 11th and a second screening on May 14th and prior to the theft was covered by France's largest newspaper LE FIGARO, national radio (Europa 1) and a couple of other entertainment magazines. After the theft, Peter was interviewed on Radio Monte Carlo and spoke extensively about the theft and the "peter-clone" that the real Peter saw hanging around our hotel lobby. Reuters news service called to interview me about the theft as well as about THE PROFIT. (Interesting to note: the entertainment reporter from Reuters knew ALL about Scn and OSA and we had a very interesting chat :-)

Regarding the theft: thanks to the hotel security cameras, we were able to verify that the guy following us was in fact the same guy who stole the shipment. As described in previous posts, the pictures of this "peter clone" are being circulated broadly through numerous governmental and law enforcement agencies.

Maybe when they catch this guy, we can figure out exactly WHO hired him. :-) Police are investigating the manner in which this "peter clone" was able to obtain the message that was placed under Peter's hotel room door (informing him of the package that had arrived). As was seen in the hotel security cam video, the concierge gave the package to this "peter clone" only after he presented the delivered message and forged Peter Alexander's name.

Meanwhile, THE PROFIT has been invited to screen and, in some cases, open several upcoming film festivals. For a new film, fresh out of the box, we are quite pleased with the reception.

Thanks to all for the many emails...we will be updating the website as we progress. http://www.theprofit.org

Best Regards,
Patricia Greenway


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