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29 May 2001

Hopalong once asked:

I have some bad news for you "Dr. Paloma" your hatred of the "class" of "psychs" is pure hatred and may be a crime in the United States if you intend on using the criminal canons of Hubbard against them.

Dr. Paloma <Dr._member@newsguy.com then responded:

Ah yes, the poor persecuted psychs. (Are you another affiliate?)

Rev Fredric L. Rice then wrote:

We're _all_ in the conspiracy, Andy. Every last one of us. It's a shame that you found out about us but honestly there's nothing you can do about it since anyone you can run and tell is also part of the conspiracy.

You can go to the papers but they won't believe you. You can write letters to the television news stations but they'll pass you off as an insane nut. You can call your law enforcement offices and they'll put a psychologist on the line with you (though you won't know it.) You might even write to the White House but you know damn well we've got that covered.

Yes, we're all part of it and there's not a fucking thing you can do about it. You can sit and think about what you can do to stop the psych conspiracy to brainwash and enslave humanity but really you're totally unable to stop it or even put a dent in the progress we've made so far.

And progress? Jim Jones was one of ours. But you knew that. Columbine was one of ours. But you knew that, too. John F. Kennedy... They're _all_ ours and there's nothing you can do about it.

Sure, L. Ron Hubbard knew the facts and sure, you've read his warnings and have taken them to heart but really, Hubbard's superior technology is no match for the _numbers_ of psychs involved in the conspiracy. Quantity beats quality when it comes to mind control.

We get you through subliminals and all the auditing in the world can't erase those since they're immediately replaced with new subliminals. Ron can't win, you know.

L. Ron Hubbard wasn't mistaken when he told you about what motivates us. It's certainly not the money -- though the money is good. It's not the women that we easily open up with the unlock phrases -- though that's good, too. No, L. Ron Hubbard got it right when he discovered that it's just evil that drives us. If we weren't paid and if we weren't getting laid two, three times a day by anybody we open with the key phrase, we would _still_ do it because we're low on the tone scale. That's just the way we are. It's not because we were raised badly, it's because of the way we are.

So you found out that Rodger is part of it and that the Lisa McPherson Trust is part of it. Big deal. There's nothing you can do with that knowledge. And you need not worry that the psych conspiracy will take you out of the game since it helps the conspiracy to have people like you who find out try to alert the world -- through the media, law enforcement, or whatever -- because it just makes you look insane. The conspiracy knows that you're completely sane but we also know that those who aren't privy to the knowledge look upon those of you who try to warn them as nuts and that works to our advantage.

On the few occasions when you guys managee to get on the television or on the radio, we get subliminals flashing "This guy's a nut!" on the television and, for radio, we insert subaudio subliminals conveying the same message. It works to our advantage and we're amused at your invioluntary support.

Join us, Andy. Hubbard has lost. Come join the winning team. You can submit a request to join the team by e-mailing frice@linkline.com and I'll pass your request along. If accepted you'll be collected and then processed to make sure your thinking is completely in line with the aims, goals, and ambitions of the conspiracy, of course, but I assure you that your conversion is completely voluntary, just like the RPF is voluntary.

Tommy then wrote:

Geez, Fred - how can you give me the creeps and make me laugh my ass off at the same time? I do notice Jr. Paloma hasn't responded, however....


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