Lisa McPherson Trust applauds French law controlling Scientology

04 Jun 2001


The Lisa McPherson Trust is contacted daily by people not only from across the United States but also from around the world who have been victimized by Scientology. These are the very people the new French law seeks to protect.

We have many documented cases in which Scientology has committed exactly the crimes that the French have named -- fraud, abuse of confidence, the illegal practice of medicine, wrongful advertising and sexual abuse, as well as many others.

Victims of Scientology repeatedly tell us that they were pressured to do things that were against their best interest. The wording of the French law addresses precisely this pattern of conduct by making it illegal to "exercise heavy or repeated pressure on a vulnerable person, or use techniques likely to alter his judgment, to induce in him behaviour prejudicial to his interests."

Scientology has denounced the new law as anti-democratic and in breach of human rights laws, but in fact it is Scientology that has proven itself to be anti-democratic over and over again. The new law will protect democracy and the human rights of people who would otherwise fall prey to Scientology's cold-blooded fraud and abuse.

Scientology hides its criminal conduct under a false cloak of religion and does so with impunity, because the laws are not equipped to deal with its insidious form of coercion and fraud. France is the first country to formulate a law that will specifically protect the human rights of its citizens from this unholy predator.

We applaud the French assembly for having the courage to oppose this flagrant threat to democracy. We invite anyone who is interested in learning about specific instances in which Scientology is guilty of fraud, abuse of confidence, the illegal practice of medicine, wrongful advertising, sexual abuse, and other crimes to visit our website at http://www.lisatrust.net or email us at info@lisatrust.net.

Stacy Brooks,


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