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12 Jun 2001

"Catarina Pamnell" <catarina@pamnell.com>

From Politiken, 11 June 2001


Scientology trial begins today

Three women have sued Scientology for the return of course fees of 650,000 DKK [$74,000]. But although this demand for repayment was raised one year ago, the trial is not yet about money, writes Kristeligt Dagblad [Danish christian newspaper]. At a court hearing today, the judge will decided whether or not the three [ex]scientologists and their lawyer Carlo Siebert can use the french-born psychoanalyst Cyril Malka as advisor.

Cyril Malka has among other things written a book on cults, and has had several ex-members in therapy. Carlo Siebert thinks that it is necessary with this kind of expert assistance in the trial, where he is to prove that his clients were under such massive psychological pressure, that they cannot be held responsible for their purchase of increasingly expensive courses.

Scientology does not want Cyril Malka to be used as advisor, since he is the Danish representative in the European FECRIS-network.

This network is an anti-cult association based in France, and one of the most influential in Europe.

According to the spokeswoman of Scientology, Anette Refstrup, Cyril Malka and FECRIS are working to discriminate against and destroy religious groups and religious freedom in Europe.

The court is expected to decide on Cyril Malka's role in the trial within a few weeks, Kristelig Dagblad writes.

Only thereafter will the actual case regarding the repayment of money begin.


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