Leipzig report 2 -- Scientology by Bid

13 Jun 2001

Bid <Angel_of_Xenu@galacticfederation.homeip.net>

While sitting at my office desk last Thursday, my bt's told me that they wanted to go out and fly so they urged me to go to Leipzig. As I am always following their inner wisdom, I found a flight and was met by a very polite and helpful German SP who recognised me in my Wog-hat at the Leipzig Airport on Friday.

After a quick check-in at the hotel we went over to the not-so-upstat but friendly restaurant where a bunch of other good SP's were having a good time. I gave Gerry a big nice-to-see-you-again-hug and ordered eisbein and saurkraut, which is the national dish in Germany. One beer later, Peter Alexander and Patricia Greenberg joined us and we had some very interesting discussions about "The Profit" and related background research.

Saturday welcomed us with a big warm smiling sun. Leipzig is an old city with beautiful architecture. I really wish there had been time to go in and take a closer look at the Thomas Church where Johann Sebastian Bach was employed for delivering a new cantata to play every Monday.

The wings of history had me still in it's grip when I arrived to the press conference and the preview of "The Profit". It was of no surprise that someone had removed the poster for the movie outside the Theater.

It was both horrifying and moving to listen to what the young Astra Woodcraft had to say about her life in CoS. It is not fair that any person ever should have to experience what she has been through, but yet we know there is many "Astra-children" inside the Borg who need our help to get out and get a decent life.

Other speakers were Theresa Summers, Pia-Maria Gardini and Stacy Brooks. What to say more than I felt honored to had taken the opportunity to meet those good people who are making a difference in other peoples lives with their will to now help others to get free from slavery.

I was sitting next to Andrea who I have been chatting with a lot on IRC, but never met before, when the movie started. Andrea is a very special person. I thought I was the real oldtimer in the battle for freedom of speach but she was out on the streets protesting already in 1981 which is three years before I started to speak out. I hope that her family will be re-joined and healed again.

So "The Profit" started ... I don't know why I had thought it should be sort of amateurish. It certainly was not. It was suggestive and made in a very professional way. The story was convincing, the music made a good and precise accent to the different scenes. Some tears in my eyes when they played "Frankie and Johnny" because it reminded me of days when I was hoping for a good future but all there was behind it was a con. The special sound effects was also impressing and so was both the professional and amateur actors. All in all a very good movie, perhaps not for the broad public, but certainly in the cult genre. I think it would be a good idea to sell it to some department within the EU for distribution in all the schools in Europe.

When talking with Pat and Peter later they explained in detail how they had went about making the film. The difficulty to find the right actor who could perform as Leland Conrad Powers etc. Peter had two posters left and I am so happy to have been given one of them that is now up on the wall in my office.

Sunday was the big day for the Ceremony. It was cold and it was raining but it was nothing wrong with our moods when Andrea and I tried to find a parking lot near the place. Andrea has an built-in nose antenna so she found what we wanted.

Lots of security surrounded the place. Police cars, men with umbrellas and people with cameras up in the windows. I pointed and said "there is OSA", but as later found out, it was not, also those were security guys to safeguard us, and no one could enter the place without the invitation card. This place has a special meaning to Germany because close to it was the Nikolai Church where a little group of people started to go together to fight communism which finally had the result that the wall between east and west Germany was taken down.

The Ceremony was so magnificent and as always ... music is what makes me tikk so when the trumpets started out with Bach, I was sold. Ursula Caberta was the first speaker, but as the translation was not too good I didn't grasp what she was saying. The trumpets again, this time playing "The Stripes and Stars" and away went my mascara.

Big Bob entered the scene and I was impressed that he could look so fresh after a long flight and arriving to Germany only two hours before the event. Bob held a very, very good speach regarding the aims of the committee and the achievements of Doctor Norbert Blum.

Doctor Blum was an impressive man with a strong will and charisma and I took the opportunity to shake his hand and thank him after the ceremony. Mark Bunker was as always present with his video camera when important events is going on, so I hope we can all see this later on.

Now it was time for the reception in the cellar where Goethe was sitting when writing "Faust". Again, the wings of history strike me and I was so happy to be in such a place with so many good people. Doctor Blum received his second price - a wog hat, and as we understood that Big Bob needed money Gerry gave him a sack of the golden Marcab money with a little Xenu attached to it. The same sack that Catarina so generously had made with the money taken from the Swedish Fort Knox Marcab at Implant Station 6 of ARSCC (wdne).

After all this eating, chatting and hugs, it was time to go for a real meal at Thuringer Hof. I preferred the sandwiches at the reception though so I blew the place together with Patricia and Peter.

Our plan was to go to the Seaside Hotel but our legs found their way to an Internet Cafe instead. The Cafe should have closed at 8 pm and we arrived 8.15 and found it open. I asked if they possibly could hold it open for some extra 15 minutes, just for our sake, and they sure could.

2 hours later it was still open. Suddenly a lost Gerry came into the cafe. He had try to walk and find the way to Seaside but failed, and now happened to see us sitting there when he attempted to reorganize his antennas.

All roads leads to IRC :-)

Anyway ... we could not sit there forever, so Seaside was the next target. We had barely arrived when most of the other good SP's entered the place and we all had a good, relaxing time together.

Two Kahlua drinks later Bob, Stacy, Theresa and Astra joined us and so did OSA. I had just started to accept the fact that there were no scios left in Germany when Bob saw them through the hotel windows. Andrea quickly took her camera and out we went with her running after them in the park, trying to get pictures. I have never seen such coward OSA, being so scared of just a girl running after them with a camera. I guess the pictures she got was the sole foot of them.

So this was most of the happenings I guess, but to conclude: Thank you all German SP's for some very pleasant and well planned funny days.

Bid - Angel of Xenu and SP of Sweden


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