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23 Jun 2001


(This is a response to a post from Garry that is quoted in full below.)

Thank you for your very kind words here. I haven't said anything publicly about this situation regarding Patricia for many months because I haven't wanted to fuel the fire. And you are right that Scientology has been doing their best to trash me. They've been at it ever since Vaughn and I started this work back in 1993 -- in fact the very first thing Vaughn and I did was to work with Graham to help you get through your weeks-long, grueling deposition in the Fishman case when they were trying everything to get you to crack so that you wouldn't be able to testify about their criminality. You made it through despite their best efforts, and we all became targets to be destroyed by OSA -- you, Graham, Vaughn and me. They haven't succeeded in destroying us yet, have they? :-) I don't think they ever will.

Neither Bob nor I ever wanted to publicly discuss our difficulties with Patricia, because she is a friend and we are all on the same "side" of this work. We all recognize the destructiveness of Scientology and want to bring an end to it. I won't make everyone on the newsgroup groan by going into all the details of the history of our troubles, but Patricia's view of me gradually deteriorated to such an alarming degree that she has come to the point of seeing me as evil incarnate.

Although I am very sorry that our friendship has gone so horribly wrong, it is not Patricia's feelings about me that have created such a large problem that Bob has finally felt it necessary to discuss it publicly. Patricia is a very strong person and, as Peter said in his post last week, when Patricia decides someone is evil there is no room for argument; that is Truth as far as she is concerned, and, because Peter firmly believes that Patricia is infallible in her perception of people, as far as Peter is concerned as well. (It has been another sad result of all of this that I have also lost Peter as a friend, and now finally so has Bob.)

The problem is that Patricia feels it is her duty to convince as many other people as she can that I am 1) completely controlling Bob Minton to the point of filtering all of his communications; 2) manipulating Bob Minton so thoroughly that he cannot see how evil I really am; 3) so frightening to the people at the LMT that no one there has the courage to tell me what a terrible executive I really am, which is resulting in 4) destroying the LMT by a) terrible mismanagement, and b) allowing the place to be infiltrated by OSA spies that I refuse to see because I am such a deluded former Scientologist that all I can do is bond with other former Scientologists and am therefore blinded by this and cannot recognize a spy.

The problem in the past year has been that Patricia has been furiously lobbying not only LMT's peripheral associates but also LMT staff with this package of misinformation about me. Various individuals have come to me and to Bob to let us know that Patricia was doing this, and Bob and I both repeatedly tried to resolve this with Patricia, not because it was hurting my feelings (although it certainly was), but because this kind of under-the-radar tearing down of me was no good for the LMT and what we are trying to do. Our concern was especially great because it was coming from someone who is a well-respected member of the critic community, and therefore it was creating serious rifts with people we had formerly had very good relations with. It was also taking up increasing time and attention for both of us and the LMT staff, who were now beginning to feel that the LMT was under assault from someone who was supposed to be a colleague.

Even though it was an extremely difficult situation, Bob and I continued to try to resolve it with both Peter and Patricia because we did not want to bring more people into it than were already being affected. Unfortunately the events that occurred two weeks ago in Germany made it clear to both of us that Patricia's vendetta against me was too bitter to be quiet about it any longer. Bob told me he felt he needed to say something publicly about it and I agreed with him. Bob tends to be more open about what he says on the newsgroup than I am and there are many times when I don't agree that he should post certain information. But in this case I had to agree that there did not seem to be any other way to deal with the situation. Patricia's hatred of me was now becoming an alarming element in the fabric of our lives and neither of us could tolerate it any more.

It's true that I have withstood repeated attacks from Scientology. But in a way that is a lot easier, because I know Scientology wants to destroy me and I understand why. I have found it much more difficult to withstand this relentless attack on me by someone who by all rights should be my friend and colleague. I have continued to believe that she and I would be able to resolve our differences, if only for the sake of the work we are both trying to do. But it has just gotten worse and worse.

I have always been a staunch advocate of keeping critics' differences off the newsgroup, because I am acutely aware that we are playing right into OSA's hands to let them know there are rifts between us. I realize with every word I am writing here that OSA will be reporting on my post and analyzing how to use it. Even knowing that, I still think this needs to be out in the open. It's just not good for the LMT to let this campaign continue behind the scenes.

In the last two days Patricia has called Jesse to try to turn him against me, although Jesse is one of my dearest friends and knows that what Patricia is saying is not true. She has emailed one of the former Scientologists that the LMT is working with to tell that person that I have tried to sabotage the film "The Profit," which is completely a lie. She has also told this same thing to another former Scientologist who used to work with the LMT but has now quit speaking to me because of Patricia. That person then told another one of the former Scientologists that we work closely with that I have sabotaged the movie and I am the reason Peter and Patricia can't get a distributor. Patricia has called an LMT board member and told that person they are in a cult -- referring to the LMT. She has called another LMT staff member who emailed me about the conversation. She told this person that I am "gatekeeping Bob to prevent news inimical to your evil purpose from rescuing him from your greedy clutches (paraphrase)." Patricia reportedly also said I have been spreading false rumors about the film, specifically that Bob spent $20 million on it and that I told Ursula Caberta not to help them on it.

For the record, it is not true that I have ever said either of these things. Why in the world I would try to sabotage the distribution of this film I cannot imagine. Why Patricia is insisting on spreading these lies I also cannot imagine. What earthly good is it doing to the work any of us is trying to accomplish?

To me, this is destructive behavior. I don't know how to put a stop to the spread of this poison except to make it public. I apologize to those who are reading about this situation who have not been brought into it. But I think it is important for me to communicate the truth as I know it to the people Patricia has contacted in her relentless campaign to destroy my credibility. I owe it to Bob and the staff of the LMT, and to all the people who need to be helped by the LMT to do what I can to bring an end to Patricia's destructive campaign. It doesn't just hurt me. It hurts everyone we are trying to help.

Just one more thing: I want to thank Bob Minton for having such unwavering determination to end Scientology's vicious criminal behavior that no amount of Scientology's harassment, manipulation of the legal system, or psychological terrorism can stop him. He is a daily example to me and the rest of the staff at the LMT of the level of courage it takes to make a highly visible public stand against the real evil incarnate, which is embodied in Scientology. I hope that one day we can all work together again to fight that evil.

Stacy Brooks


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