I think you people are little too jealous of L.Ron Hubbard.

08 Jun 2001

From: Sioux904@cs.com

i think you people are little too jealous of L.Ron Hubbard. It is funny that you act like a little beaten child in discussing Mr.Hubbard. It is very funny that you harbor so much resentment towards Scientology. What is even funnier is that your life in all actuallity is filled with pain, misery, and confusion, and that Scientology could actually help you get a life and not spend your days whining about L.Ron Hubbard. Maybe he did make up a couple stories, but the techniques of Scientology do indeed improve your emotional level, and your I.Q. level. I use a book of his everyday and seen my I.Q. level rise 8 points in 4 months. From 142 to 150. My emotional level is far superior to anyone i have ever met, and it wasn't near this high until i used a book titled Self Analysis. Listen, you pea brained, non studly, repulsive dimwit, Scientology improves your mental and physical condition if it is used correcttly. i am sure i am truly superior to you in every concievable fashion, and many of my abilities i attribute to Scientology. So if you want to get started on the right track, join Scientology, if you want to complain like a child who was just beaten down, keep on doing what you're doing, you small filthy rat. Oh, and good luck in the near future, may you live long and well.


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